Former advisor to Joice Hasselmann accuses her of “cracking”; the former deputy denies| Photo: Wilson Dias/Agência Brasil

Former federal deputy Joice Hasselmann (currently without a partner) said that one of her former advisers would be using forged evidence to accuse her of moral harassment and of misappropriating her salary – a practice known as “rachadinha”.

The former adviser told the UOL that Hasselmann would have used his salary to pay for personal expenses, such as filling up his car and paying college tuition and paying for his daughter’s cat food. The former employee stated that she made monthly transfers of more than R$ 13,000 through payments of personal accounts of the former parliamentarian and her family.

In the report, Joice called the former employee and her husband “criminal bandits”.

“I do BO [Boletim de Ocorrência] against them even today. It is obvious that they forged evidence to sell to my political enemies. What’s the point of paying my bills with the bandit’s card if they always had my unlimited credit card?”, said the former deputy, who was not re-elected for a new term in last year’s elections.

To the UOL, the former advisor said that since she took over as Joice’s parliamentary advisor, she has only had two of her salary. She also stated that several times she left work crying due to the insults she would suffer from the former deputy. On her Instagram, the former deputy said that the former employee and her husband were friends, but began to blackmail her after she lost the elections last year.