Lula’s first minister invited to give explanations to the Chamber, Flávio Dino will have to clarify government actions in public security.| Photo: Isaac Fontana/EFE

Minister Flávio Dino, of Justice, will be heard at the Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJC) of the Chamber of Deputies this Tuesday (28) to explain the actions that were adopted by the government during the acts of January 8, which culminated in the invasion and the depredation of the headquarters of the Three Powers in Brasília. The hearing is scheduled for 2 pm.

Dino will be the first minister of the new government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) to give explanations to the Chamber at the invitation of the deputies, both from the base and the opposition. This Tuesday’s hearing (28) was requested by Gervásio Maia (PSB-PB), Orlando Silva (PCdoB-SP) and Rubens Pereira Júnior (PT-MA), in addition to requests from Carlos Jordy (PL-RJ) and Caroline de Toni (PL-SC), among others.

In addition to the acts of January 8, Flávio Dino will have to clarify the changes in the federal government’s gun control policy enacted on the first day of the Lula administration; the visit he made to Complexo da Maré, on the last 13th; and a balance of the first months of work at the head of the ministry, citing priorities and guidelines for the rest of the year.

Leader of the opposition in the Chamber, deputy Carlos Jordy (PL-RJ) says he will also question the “attempt to intimidate parliamentarians, petitioning the Federal Supreme Court to censor us”, about the entry of a crime news by fake news from the minister to the STF.

Deputy Marco Feliciano (PL-SP) will also ask for clarification on the imposition of secrecy on the images captured by the cameras at the Planalto Palace on January 8.