Minister Flávio Dino embarks this Sunday (19) for Rio Grande do Norte| Photo: EFE/ Andre Borges

O Minister of Justice and Public Security, Flávio Dinotravels this Sunday (19) to the capital of large northern river. He will follow the actions of the National Force in the city of Natal in the face of organized crime after a series of attacks registered in the state since last Tuesday (14). The information was published by Brazil Agency.

Data from the State Secretariat for Public Security and Civil Defense of RN showed that, from Tuesday to Saturday, 259 attacks carried out by a criminal faction that operates in drug trafficking had been recorded. During one of these attacks, a penal police officer was shot dead in the early hours of Saturday.

Earlier, Dino had announced via social media that the federal government would send over 100 men from the National Force to assist in public security in that state. Another 500 were sent to the state, according to Agência Brasil, among agents of the National Force and other federal forces.

So far, there has been arrest of 116 suspects including 18 arrested in Operation Normandy, launched by the Civil Police and the Federal Police last Friday (17). Also seized were 34 firearms, four simulacra, 98 explosive devices and 23 gallons of gasoline. There are also 12 motorcycles, two cars, money, drugs, ammunition and stolen goods recovered.