First stage of Praça Nossa Senhora de Fátima is delivered – News of Brazil

First stage of Praça Nossa Senhora de Fátima is delivered – News of Brazil

This Monday (25), Macapá City Hall handed over the first stage of Praça Nossa Senhora de Fátima, completely revitalized, to residents of the Santa Rita neighborhood, the central area of ​​the city.

This first stage of the revitalization includes a walking trail, a food court with four kiosks for entrepreneurs, two sports courts with fences, sidewalks, landscaping, lighting and accessible bathrooms.

In total, the Square has a total built area: 8,216.10 m2, and the amount invested in the renovation of the first stage is R$ 1.2 million, coming from a parliamentary amendment by federal deputy Vinicius Gurgel, with equivalent compensation from the Municipal Treasury .

The mayor of Macapá, Dr. Furlan highlighted that every detail of the square’s renovation work was designed to restore the population’s love for their city. “Everything here in this work was designed to restore our people’s sense of belonging to our capital, which is very beautiful and just needs to be looked after with care, and that is what we are doing in this administration”, highlighted the mayor.

The volleyball, futsal and basketball courts were the highlights of the event for athletes and para-athletes, who took advantage of the space by playing their sports.

Pablo Barreto, vice-president of the Associação Recreativa e Desportiva Fátima Basquetebol, responsible for the games that take place on the Square’s courts, spoke of his joy in receiving the space, completely revitalized.

“This moment is being greatly celebrated by us who have been going to this square for over 20 years, and 6 years ago we founded the Association. This space is not only a place of leisure, but also a place to rescue people, as many young people stay away from bad paths when they approach sport”, emphasized Barreto.

For Leonam Pinheiro, 34 years old, a para-athlete in the table tennis and wheelchair basketball categories, in terms of accessibility and sport, the square meets his and his colleagues’ expectations. “The basketball court has a great structure, the only public court with a glass ring, one of the things we observed, in addition to accessibility”highlighted the para-athlete.

Delivery of next steps

September 27th – delivery of the leisure space in Praça Nossa Senhora de Fátima with resources from the Municipal Treasury.

Space includes: playground, two futmesa tables, ping pong table, area for checkers and dominoes, as well as a seesaw for wheelchair users.

September 29th – Nossa Senhora de Fátima Sports Arena

October 3rd – Praça Santuário de Fátima with mass and shows by singers Oneide Bastos and Fafá de Belém

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