Editora Valer will launch three books at the 26th Pan-Amazonian Book Fair in Pará

Editora Valer will launch three books at the 26th Pan-Amazonian Book Fair in Pará

Since September 9, 2023, the 26th Pan-Amazonian Book and Multivoices Fair has been taking place at the Hangar Centro de Convenções, in Belém, Pará, and the publisher Valer is not only present, but will launch three books: one by the award-winning writer João de Jesus Paes Loureiro, the doctor in Sociology Violeta Loureiro and the composer and lyricist Déllioreis MMa D Aquino’, on the 17th, Sunday, at 5pm, at the publisher’s stand.

“One of Valer’s goals is to publish essential books about the Amazon, as well as by Amazonian authors, which is why being in Pará is of great importance for us”, highlighted Neiza Teixeira, professor, PhD in Philosophy and editorial coordinator at Valer .

With more than 2 thousand books published, Valer brought the latest releases and classics from its catalog to the delight of readers from Pará who love the Amazon. Visiting the literary fair is free and takes place from 9am to 9pm.

Check out the release schedule:

Time: 2pm
Book: A scene in the Anthropocene
Author: Déllioreis MMa D Aquino’

Time: 5pm
Book: The path of words – A poetic initiation to the poem
Author: João de Jesus Paes Loureiro

Time: 6pm
Book: Research in Social Sciences and Law
Author: Violeta Loureiro

João de Jesus Paes Loureiro

Paes Loureiro’s work is entitled “The path of words – A poetic initiation to the poem, and brings twelve poems constituting the imaginary Dialogues with Conori, the queen of Icamiabas, which were carried out during the period from June 4th to August 20th, 2021, ending the long series of contextual poems written since March 2021, a period of isolation as a result of the Covid pandemic that hit the country.

The contextual poems in their entirety were prepared each week and recorded for dissemination on the Paes Loureiro WhatsApp network, every Friday, from March 2020 to August 2021. The part corresponding to the poems from March/20 to March/ 21 are published in another book: “In search of the land without evil”.

In this book, Paes reveals himself as a man who accepted himself as a spokesman for the Word, a herald of himself. It is the immersion into the depths of oneself that reveals a being-in-the-world and, consequently, the universal man. This is the condition for being a poet.

From the extensive work of Paes Loureiro, with books translated or published, in addition to Brazil, such as Japan, Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, the following are published by Valer: “Amazonian culture: a poetics of the imaginary”, essay; “Triadics: poetry in small formats”, poetry; “The King and the Gardener”, children’s; “Andurá – where everything is and is not”, novel; “The path of words”, poetry.

Violet Loureiro

Violeta Loureiro’s book that will be released is “Research in Social Sciences and Law” and arose from the author’s observation that students who enter universities need information and obtain certain types of knowledge that are typical of academies. It is with this aim that she constructed a speech, through which the student approaches the technical vocabulary and the dimension involved in an undertaking the size of research.

Furthermore, this book was designed to combine the necessary theoretical explanations with a wealth of examples of concrete cases, which makes it easier to understand the topics covered.

The researcher is the author of several works on the economic and sociocultural thought of the Amazon and published by Valer, she has the following books: ‘Amazonia: colony of Brazil’, and ‘Caminhos e descaminhos da Amazônia’ – Volumes 1 and 2.

Violeta Refkalefsky Loureiro has a PhD in Sociology from the University of Paris III (1994) and a Master’s degree in Sociology from Unicamp – SP (1985). She completed a post-doctorate at the University of Coimbra, under the auspices of Capes and the guidance of Professor Dr. Boaventura de Souza Santos (2005/2006); She has been professor emeritus at the Federal University of Pará since 2014. In 2021, her work was recognized through the Florestan Fernandes Prize, granted by the Brazilian Society of Sociology.

Dellioreis MMa D Aquino

The book “A scene in the Anthropocene”, by Déllioreis MMa D Aquino’, highlights the historical moment when we surpass eight billion human beings completely dependent on the planet’s natural resources, and, however, still deeply ignorant of the immensity of meanings symbolized by biodiversity from the earth. This ignorance is demonstrated when we pollute, destroy and, therefore, transform in a brutal and often unnecessary way the natural resources with which the planet preserves us.

Déllioreis MMa D Aquino’ has been writing verse texts since he was 17 years old. He is a composer and lyricist. He has a master’s degree in Natural Resources Management and Local Development in the Amazon from the Environment Center (Numa), at the Federal University of Pará (UFPA). In addition to publications in magazines and periodicals of regional, national scope and in other countries, he has already published two more books of texts in verse, Puxirum da Terra: nature of matter and matter of the spirit and Puxirum Urbano: tempo dream and sofia in the udders of the city , which complete the triad of these publications with this new book, Puxirum Diverso: uma cena no Antropoceno.

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