Drag queen Ruth Venceremos leaves the Lula government after two months – 03/16/2023 – Politics

Drag queen Ruth Venceremos leaves the Lula government after two months – 03/16/2023 – Politics

The drag queen and first alternate for federal deputy Ruth Venceremos (PT-DF) announced this Wednesday (15) her departure from the government of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), just over two months after taking office at Secom (Secretary of Social Communication of the Presidency of the Republic).

The dismissal of Ruth Venceremos was initially publicized by the newspaper O Globo, which pointed out that the reason for her departure was because she was “left out” within the government.

The exoneration was published in the Wednesday edition (15) of the Official Gazette. Ruth Venceremos was head of Social Participation and Diversity advisory at Secom.

A militant of the MST (Landless Workers Movement) and defender of the agendas of the LGBTQIA+ and black movements, Ruth is a pedagogue, holds a master’s degree in education from Unicamp and is the first alternate federal deputy for the PT in the Federal District. She received 31,538 votes in last year’s election.

On her social networks, Ruth Venceremos avoided entering into controversies with Secom and commenting on her supposed isolation and sidelines within the Lula government.

The alternate federal deputy said that she will leave the government because she has assessed that she will be more useful working in civil society groups.

“Being part of President Lula’s government team was fundamental in the journey we are building, as only a decision-making space allows us to fully understand all the challenges we have to face in building a fairer society. campaign for our president Lula, I am very happy with the new moment that Brazil lives and is building”, he wrote in his social networks.

Ruth Venceremos said that from now on she will join forces with the struggle of various entities, collegiate bodies and social movements.

“I evaluate, together with all the people and institutions involved in this process, that it is necessary, at this moment, to concentrate efforts in this coalition, precisely to help strengthen the dialogue between civil society and the government”, he said, justifying his departure. from Secom.

The deputy deputy then thanked the Minister of Secom, Paulo Pimenta, “for the invitation and for the trust”.

Secom was approached, but did not comment on the dismissal of Ruth Venceremos until the publication of this report.

Upon accepting the position, Ruth Venceremos had declared that she intended to exercise in communication a process of listening to civil society based on what she learned as a pedagogue, drag queen and landless activist.

“My body, by itself, already speaks, as I usually say. I’m a black fag, from the northeast, from the interior of Pernambuco, with a trajectory in the MST. We saw that, in the last period [governo Bolsonaro], agendas involving human rights were excluded from the Executive branch. The people, who will be at the Secretariat of Communication, taking care of more institutional communication, cannot ignore what the representation of the Brazilian people is today, with a diversity of subjects, which must appear as a government project itself”, he said in an interview with Sheetin January.

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