Approval of 38% for Lula in the first three months of 2023 is lower than the PT indices in 2003 and 2007.| Photo: Sedat Suna/EFE

The Lula government, which has just completed three months, is considered “great” or “good” by 38% of those interviewed in a Datafolha poll released this Saturday, while 29% considered this beginning of the term “bad” or “terrible” and 30% classified it as “regular”. The numbers are the worst for the PT in his three terms: with three months of government in 2003, Lula had 43% approval and only 10% disapproval; four years later, in early 2007, it was approved by 48% and disapproved by 14%. Furthermore, according to the newspaper Folha de S.PauloLula’s current “bad/very bad” index equals his worst mark in the previous eight years of government, obtained in 2005, during the monthly allowance scandal.

Still according to the survey, 51% of those interviewed said that Lula did less than expected at the beginning of his term, against 25% who considered that he did what was expected, and 18% for whom Lula exceeded expectations. Despite this, 50% of voters polled by the institute still think that the president will make a “great” or “good” government, while 27% think that the government will be “regular” and 21% believe that the government will be “bad” or “bad”. terrible”. Finally, 28% of respondents say that Lula will fulfill most of the promises made during the campaign, against 50% for whom the president will fulfill part of what was promised and 21% according to which Lula will not honor any promises.

Despite being elected with a speech of national “unity”, in these first three months Lula gave little space in the government to his campaign allies, he is already facing scandals involving ministers (especially Juscelino Filho, from Communications), he has been launching attacks against the productive sector and the agribusiness, made nods to Nicaragua’s socialist dictatorship in international forums such as the UN, is committed to controlling public discourse through initiatives such as bodies dubbed the “Ministry of Truth”, and even called a plan discovered by the Police a “framework”. Federal and by the Public Ministry in which the PCC intended to kidnap and kill authorities, including Senator Sergio Moro.