Dino will send Penitentiary Intervention Force to RN – 03/15/2023 – Power

Dino will send Penitentiary Intervention Force to RN – 03/15/2023 – Power

The Minister of Justice and Public Security, Flávio Dino, said that 190 agents from the National Public Security Force and 30 from the Penitentiary Intervention Force will be sent to Rio Grande do Norte.

The statement was made after the launching ceremony of the National Program for Public Security with Citizenship (Pronasci), linked to the Ministry of Justice and Public Security.

“That number could change overnight, depending on how the dynamics are today. [O objetivo] It is to strengthen the work in penitentiaries, since we know that, unfortunately, when there are these cycles of urban violence, this is linked to the penitentiary issue. That is why one of the axes of Pronasci is precisely around the penitentiary issue, because it is a way of protecting society”, he said.

After criminal attacks in at least 14 cities, the first part of the National Security Force team arrived in Rio Grande do Norte in the early hours of this Wednesday (15), according to information from the minister.

“We have allocated 220 police officers to assist state forces. And we can expand to the number that is configured necessary”, said Dino on social networks.

The wave of violence began early on Tuesday (14), with buses set on fire and public buildings vandalized. The attacks continued throughout the day.

According to the state government, the suspicion is that the attacks were coordinated by organized crime in response to recent police actions that culminated in the arrest and death of criminals and the seizure of weapons and drugs.

Governor Fátima Bezerra (PT) canceled her schedule of appointments in Brasília and arrived early in the morning in Natal with the National Force team. Reinforcement in security was requested by her from the Ministry of Justice.

The first FAB (National Air Force) plane landed with 30 military police on board. A second plane, with another 70 agents, arrived soon after.

During the event, the Lula government announced the delivery of 270 vehicles to the Maria da Penha patrols and the implementation of 40 Brazilian Women’s Houses, for victims of domestic violence. The fight against feminicide is one of the main goals of the Lula government 3.

Pronasci now aims to strengthen the repression of gender crimes, such as Sheet anticipated.

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