Digital influencer says the “peace and love left” is over

Digital influencer says the “peace and love left” is over

The digital influencer Cauê Moura said, in a video on his channel, that the “peace and love left” is over. Among other catch phrases, he also stated that if he were the “great dictator, he would say ‘the first ship is leaving, do you want to be exiled or do you want to work (to work)?’”. In the same video, another youtuber, LØAD, stated that “we are going to put class consciousness in your heads in the club”. The demonstrations took place on February 27th and refer to federal deputy Kim Kataguiri (União-SP).

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Kataguiri filed a request for analysis of the youtuber’s speech to the Minister of Human Rights, Silvio Almeira, and also to the coordinator of a working group, formed with left-wing personalities, to combat “extremism and hate speech”, former deputy Manuela d’Ávila (PCdoB-RS).

The fight between Cauê and Kataguiri started earlier, in another video, when the influencer said he wanted to see the parliamentarian “breaking stones in the gulag”. Gulags were concentration camps with forced labor for political prisoners at the time when Joseph Stalin was dictator of the Soviet Union.

In another video, the youtuber speaks of hatred against Kataguiri’s ideas and says that people who defend them should be “exiled” or used as “labor”. “I am not talking about literal violence against Kim Kataguiri. I don’t hate you, I just hate everything you stand for, everything you propagate, everything you stand for. All your ideas are cancerous and I don’t take back a word I said. I’m not going after putting you in the gulag. In the ideal world, you would be doing a small job. Because it’s not just exile, we need manpower”.

“We are going to need people like you. I’m not talking about torturing Kim Kataguiri and other dirty liberals. I’m saying that Brazil will need manpower to get people off the streets, manpower for agrarian reform,” he said.

“If I were the great dictator, I would say ‘the first ship is leaving, do you want to be exiled or do you want to work? (to work)?’ (…) Aren’t you the ones against mimimi? I want to see breaking the stone in the gulag ”, she added. Moura also said that the parliamentarian could remain calm, as this would happen in the next generations. “Maybe your son will break the stone in the gulag. Don’t worry, I’m not serious, I just hate everything you do”, joked the youtuber.

In his request for an evaluation to the Ministry of Human Rights’ hate speech group, Kataguiri cited the Constitution. “In the material, the aforementioned youtuber claims that I should be arrested because of my political positions and subjected to forced labor, which violates art. 5, III and IV of the Federal Constitution, in addition to the Pact of San José, Costa Rica. He also claims that he will instill his ideas in my head, ‘even if it’s a fight’, in a clear allusion to political violence ”, he highlighted in the letter.

The Ministry of Human Rights and Citizenship, so far, has not confirmed whether it will analyze the digital influencer’s speech.

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