Deputy says that the end of privatizations is a global trend – News of Brazil

Deputy says that the end of privatizations is a global trend – News of Brazil

The federal deputy Dorinaldo Malafaia (PDT-AP) commented on the program ‘Togas and Becas’ (Diário FM 90.9) this Saturday, the 18th, that there is a global tendency to rethink the existing privatizations, which began in the 1990s, in the neoliberal model.

The parliamentarian from Amapá spoke on the subject as a result of the statement by the president of the Workers’ Party (PT), Gleisi Hoffmann, in Brasília, that the Brazilian electricity sector could be nationalized again.

Dorinaldo mentioned that in England there is the possibility of privatization of healthcare being reverted to state-owned, and that in France there are requests for a review of pensions managed by the private sector. In the United States, the deputy also mentioned, there is dissatisfaction with some privatizations.

Brazil, in turn, as the deputy noted, is experiencing the contingency of the federal government not having control over the electricity sector, as well as in the areas of oil and air transport, activities that were previously state-owned.

“The neoliberal privatization model has been exhausted and today there is a desire for some services to become state-owned again”pointed out the parliamentarian, for whom, in the context of Amapá, the population has been suffering not only from the high electricity tariff they pay, but also from the abuses they suffer from the company that provides the service.

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