Deputies retire with pensions that hit the salary ceiling

Deputies retire with pensions that hit the salary ceiling


Twenty deputies and senators retired after the end of their term, some of them with pensions that reach the constitutional remuneration ceiling – R$ 39.3 thousand. Former deputy Onyx Lorenzoni (PL-RS), former minister in the Jair Bolsonaro government, registered mandates and wore pajamas with an income of R$ 19,800. Ricardo Izar Júnior (Republicanos-SP), with only three terms in the Chamber, retired due to permanent disability and got the ceiling. Retired by the Chamber in December last year, former president and former federal deputy Jair Bolsonaro accumulates pensions and receives above the salary ceiling.

With 20 years in office as a federal deputy, the former Minister of the Civil House, Citizenship and Labor, Onyx had approved by the Chamber of Deputies, in December 2022, the non-onerous registration of 7,701 days – or 21 years – to complete the necessary requirements for retirement by the Social Security Plan for Congressmen (PSSC). At the age of 68, he registered periods from 1985 to 2001 and from 1999 to 2006. From 1995 to 2003, he was a state deputy for Rio Grande do Sul.

Luiz Gonzaga Patriota (PSB-PE), with eight terms in office, retired through the roof. He would have gone into inactivity with an income of R$35,900 under the rules of the Social Security Plan for Congressmen (PSC). But the deputy was entitled to retirement under the rules of the former Institute of Social Security for Congressmen (IPC), which paid a full pension after 30 years of contributions. When extinguished in 1999, the IPC was replaced by the PSSC and transferred to the Union all its rights and obligations, such as the payment of pensions granted and to be granted, “preserving the acquired rights”.

Father’s mandate to son

Átila Lira (PP-PI), also with eight mandates, will have a pension of R$ 37 thousand. He passed the baton to his son, Átila Lira (PP-PI), who was elected federal deputy with the same name as his father. In an interview with Jornal do Piauí, he stated: “Átila Filho has always helped me in the campaigns, he already has a history of work. (…) We managed, in a very difficult election, to elect him”.

Former deputy Rogério Mendonça MDB-SC), with three terms in the Chamber, retired with R$ 34.8 thousand. On December 21 of last year, he obtained the non-onerous registration (use) of 1,566 days – or four years and three months – of contributions to the INSS, for the purpose of complementing the necessary requirements for retirement by the PSSC.

Senator Paulo Rocha (PT-PA) did not run for re-election in 2022, after eight years in office. He already had five terms as a federal deputy. On the 3rd of this month (March) he had the non-onerous registration approved by the Chamber of 2,919 days, equivalent to 8 years, for the time of office and contributions made to the Senate. He retired with R$21.4 thousand.

The retirement of parliamentarians

In addition to granting new pensions, as of February 2023, pensions that were suspended due to investiture in office in the Chamber and Senate were reinstated. It’s retirement. After serving these new terms in the House or Senate, they retire again with higher pensions.

With four and a half terms in office, deputy Rubens Bueno (Cidadania-PR) made onerous registration of terms of state deputy from 1983 to 1991 and mayor of Campo Mourão from 1993 to 1996. He retired with a pension of R$ 38.4 thousand . Rogério Mendonça (MDB-SC) was a federal deputy for three terms. Before, he was deputy mayor and mayor of Ituporanga and state deputy. He retired with an income of R$34.8 thousand.

The Chamber stated to the blog that Deputy Ricardo Izar retired due to permanent disability. In this case, the value of the benefit is integral, as provided for in article 2, item I, line “a”, of Law 9,506/97. (See below for the full list of new retirees)

Bolsonaro with pension above the roof

Former President Jair Bolsonaro retired by the Chamber on December 2 last year. He already had a pension of R$ 11,900 as a retired military officer with the rank of captain. He acquired the right to retirement by the Chamber at the end of 2018. However, as he also received the president’s salary – R$ 30.9 thousand – he postponed his retirement by the IPC.

Now in inactivity, he receives an additional R$35,200 from the Chamber, in accordance with IPC rules, reaching a total income of R$47,000 – above the constitutional remuneration ceiling. This is possible because the IPC is considered a private law entity, although it receives public resources. He will also have a salary from the Liberal Party (PL) when he returns to the country.

senators in pajamas

Two senators retired from the PSSC on January 31. Senator Fernando Bezerra Coelho (MDB-PE) receives R$ 24.9 thousand, while Maria do Carmo Alves is entitled to R$ 21.2 thousand. Two more senators already retired from the IPC had their benefit payments reinstated in February this year with the addition of contributions made to the PSSC. Flaviano Melo (MDB-AC) was a senator from 1991 to 1999 and later was mayor of Rio Branco and federal deputy for four terms. He has a pension of BRL 28 thousand. Álvaro Dias (Podemos-PR) receives a pension of R$ 23.2 thousand.

Senator Telmário Mota (PROS-RR) has his retirement process under analysis. After granting his retirement, Deputy Ivan Valente (PSOL-SP) returned to his mandate, as an alternate, and the benefit was once again suspended.

New Congressional Retirees

Pensions granted in 2023 Value
Luiz Gonzaga Patriota (PSB-PE) 39,293.32
Ricardo Izar Júnior (Republicanos-SP) 39,293.32
Onyx Lorenzoni (PL-RS) 19,805.00
Eduardo Barbosa (PSDB-MG) 16,839.99
Ricardo Tripoli (PSDB-SP) 13,472.00
Herculano Passos (Republicanos-SP) 8,981.33
reinstated pensions
Ivan Valente (PT-PSOL-SP) returned to mandate
Rubens Bueno (Citizenship-PR) 38,437.29
Atila Lira (PP-PI) 37,160.00
Osmar Serraglio (PP-PR) 26,943.99
Paes Lacy (União-PI) 23,575.99
Paulo Rocha (senator) (PT-PA) (senator)* 21,442.92
Angela Amin (PP-SC) 15,717.33
Paulo Ramos (PDT-RJ)
Rose de Freitas (MDB-ES) (senator)*
Retired IPC Senators Retiring
Flaviano Melo (MDB-AC) (deputy)* 28,178.92
Álvaro Dias (Podemos-PR) 23,183.05
Senators Retired by the PSSC
Fernando Bezerra Coelho (MDB-PE) 24,899.13
Maria do Carmos Alves (PP-SE) 21,210.37
Senator in process of retirement
Telmário Mota (PROS-RR) process under review

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