Davi articulates the implementation of Radiotherapy for Amapá – News of Brazil

Davi articulates the implementation of Radiotherapy for Amapá – News of Brazil

The Radiotherapy Center of Amapá, one of the oldest struggles in the state, is close to getting off the ground. This Thursday (16), representatives of the Ministry of Health and the state government participated in a starting meeting to settle the details for the start of construction. Despite not being present at the meeting, because he had a work agenda in the Federal Senate, Alcolumbre he was praised by those present and appointed as one of those responsible for achieving this achievement for the people of amapa.

This is because, in addition to articulating R$ 16.3 million for the work, Davi Alcolumbre he was one of the main articulators, in the negotiations with the Union, for the assignment of the land where the center will be built. Negotiations began while still in government Waldez Goes.

The center’s objective is to improve the oncological care offered by the state and promote the well-being of patients and their families. The expectation is that the building will be delivered in one year through the Plan for the Expansion of Radiotherapy in the Unified Health System (SUS).

“This is a historic achievement for the state of Amapá that we will follow closely. The construction of this Radiotherapy Center is a dream for the people of Amapa because, today, patients need to leave the state to receive the treatment they so badly need. With a place of our own, equipped, within the state, we will be giving more dignity, agility, improving the movement of these people, providing well-being and quality of life to those who face a delicate moment in their lives, which requires care and attention”, highlighted Alcolumbre.

The treatment center will have advanced equipment for radiotherapy treatment, one part consisting of a conventional device and the other to offer brachytherapy, a kind of “internal radiotherapy”, a local treatment for a specific part of the body. “Health does not wait. We are dealing with lives and families who are going through challenging situations while coping with the disease and this center will be another opportunity to provide these patients with the treatment they so badly need to overcome the disease and follow their plans”stressed the senator for Amapá.

At the departure meeting, the governor clecio luis recognized the senator’s performance for this conquest to Amapá. “This meeting would not have been possible without the effort and mobilization of Senator Davi. On behalf of the government, health and people of Amapá, I offer this public thanks to the senator”.

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