Dani Machado and Ale Mocellim

Dani Machado and Ale Mocellim

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Dani Machado and Alê Mocellim are now part of the Bom Gourmet team of columnists.| Photo: Personal Archive/Dani Machado/Ale Mocellim

As of this March, two new columnists are part of the Bom Gourmet team: barbecue man Alê Mocellin and content creator Dani Machado. Mocellim signs the blog Bom Churrasco and Dani, Mesa afora.

“Alê and Dani will make the universe of gastronomic themes that Bom Gourmet covers even richer. Our idea is, more and more, to contemplate the different niches that exist among the public of lovers of good food like us”, comments the head of Bom Gourmet, Caroline Olinda.

Professional grill and teacher of Boucherie at the Chef Gourmet Batel school, Mocellim will bring tips on everything involving the world of meat and barbecue. “My idea is to create content about events and barbecue houses in the city and also talk about techniques: from protein production to the correct use of fire. In addition, I want to bring a barbecue recipe every week for the reader to be able to make new experiences on your grill”, he comments.

Content producer Dani Machado, in turn, promises to take us on her gastronomic adventures around the world. Or rather, outside the table. Passionate about gastronomy, Dani has been collaborating with Bom Gourmet on social networks since last year. Now, with the column, she gains more space to share her travel tips and gastronomic experiences.

“I’m a nervous mouth, as my friend André Bezerra says, and a consumer of a lot of gastronomic information. My hobby, in addition to eating, is traveling, cooking and having friends over. new space”, he says.

The new columnists join the Bom Gourmet team, which includes names such as Luiz Augusto Xavier, Jussara Voss, Mariah Luz, Guilherme Rodrigues and Rui Morschel. In the blogs, the reader can find tips to save money on the day-to-day in the kitchen to small classes on the world of wines.

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