Cupuaçu is rich in fiber and minerals; know the benefits of fruit

Cupuaçu is rich in fiber and minerals;  know the benefits of fruit

Podcast ‘Where does what I eat come from’ details cupuaçu’s food and cosmetics production potential. Fruit acts in immunity against diseases. CLICK ABOVE TO LISTEN Brazilian, native to the Amazon, and when it’s ripe, it falls off the tree by itself. Cupuaçu is a popular fruit in the North of the country – so much so that it yields recipes for sweets, juices and even a fizzy drink. Researcher Miriam Cartonilho, from the Federal Institute of Amazonas (IFAM), told the podcast De onde vem o que eu how what benefits the fruit can bring to health and why it is used in cosmetics. 🎧 LISTEN (above) and then read some curiosities about cupuaçu: WHERE IT COMES FROM: watch the videos from the Cupuaçu series: find out how a crisis influenced commercial planting in the 1980s NUTRITIONAL VALUE Cupuaçu has fiber, which helps with digestion ; It is rich in minerals such as potassium, phosphorus and magnesium, which act in bone formation, muscle contraction and regulation of body fluids; Contains vitamin C, which acts in immunity against diseases; By having antioxidants, it fights free radicals, molecules that can harm health. The largest cupuaçu producers are Bahia, Amazonas and Pará. The most recent production data from the IBGE is from 2017, when Brazil produced 21,000 tons of the fruit. Cupuaçu gives rise to juices, sweets and cosmetics. Ronaldo Rosa/ Embrapa ALSO LISTEN:

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