At least 18 cities in the RN suffered criminal attacks against public goods and buildings, suspected to be retaliation for drug trafficking.| Photo: reproduction/social networks

Public transport buses in Natal, capital of Rio Grande do Norte, began to be collected at the end of the morning of this Wednesday (15) after new attacks by criminals against vehicles and public buildings. The wave of attacks extends from Monday night (13) in several cities in the state even after the arrival of more than a hundred agents of the National Security Force this morning.

According to the State Secretariat of Public Security to the People’s Gazette, the burning of at least one collective in the west of the city led to the recall of part of the bus fleet. Other attacks have been recorded, but the circumstances are still being investigated.

The most recent balance sheet by the security forces, in mid-morning, points to the arrest of 30 suspects for the attacks across the state and the seizure of 30 explosive devices and eight gallons of gasoline.

Governor Fátima Bezerra (PT) is in a meeting with the state security forces to define new strategies to contain the attacks. By social mediasaid that “we are meeting with the security forces of Rio Grande do Norte. Our work continues tirelessly to restore order and peace in our state”.

The police are still investigating who the perpetrators of the attacks are, but the suspicion is that they are retaliation by criminal drug trafficking organizations after police operations carried out last week. One of the alleged leaders of the attacks was transferred this Tuesday (14) to the Federal Penitentiary System.