Criminal faction has already carried out more than 250 attacks in RN since Tuesday

Criminal faction has already carried out more than 250 attacks in RN since Tuesday

The criminal faction responsible for a wave of violence in municipalities in Rio Grande do Norte has carried out 259 attacks since Tuesday (14), according to the state government. Between Friday (17) and Saturday morning (18), there were 33 new attacks.

According to the Secretariat of Public Security of Rio Grande do Norte, until this Saturday afternoon, 111 people had been arrested for the violent acts. In total, since last Tuesday (14), 34 firearms, 98 explosive devices and 23 gallons of gasoline, in addition to vehicles, money, drugs and ammunition, have been seized.

In the night and dawn of Friday (17) to Saturday (18), the fifth in a sequence of attacks, a criminal police officer was shot dead in an attack; in another action, criminals with guns in hand expelled residents and set fire to three houses in a neighborhood of the city. A 77-year-old woman was pulled out of bed with a gun pointed at her head.

State and federal officials have been using social media to publicize the decrease in attacks in recent days. “The reinforcement of public security agents and the constant actions on the streets of RN result in a reduction in the number of criminal acts in the State. 74.5% at the end of this Friday (17). In the coming days, the expectation is that more reinforcements will arrive to add to the staff of the state public security forces”, said the Potiguar government.

Flávio Dino, Minister of Justice and Public Security, announced this Saturday afternoon (18) the deployment of another 100 police officers to Rio Grande do Norte. According to him, more than 500 members of the National Force and federal forces have already been sent in total.

The main hypothesis for the motivation of the attacks is the protest against the bad conditions of the state prisons. In response to the attacks, detainees in Rio Grande do Norte are being transferred to federal penitentiaries. Those in custody are accused of commanding crimes such as homicides and drug trafficking. In addition, they are also involved in escape plans and attacks on public and private property in Rio Grande do Norte.

Transferred prisoners can stay in any of the five federal units located in Catanduvas (PR), Campo Grande, Mossoró (RN), Porto Velho and Brasília. In the Federal Penitentiary System, inmates will be isolated in individual cells, with monitored visits and only in parlor and with strict security procedures.

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