Coxinha or pastry? Discover the best of Curitiba

Coxinha or pastry?  Discover the best of Curitiba

The eternal battle between coxinha and pastel is like a duel of titans in Brazilian gastronomy, and the truth is that choosing between the two is a very difficult task. Even more so when it comes to deciding between the best coxinha in Curitiba and the best pastel in Curitiba.

Coxinha, with its crunchy shell and creamy filling, is a snack that wins hearts everywhere. The pastry, with its thin dough and a variety of fillings, is a worthy competitor. Both compete for the flavor podium, and we, mere mortals, can’t choose. So, the best way out is to enjoy both, and of course, in the best places!

Check here the establishments chosen as the best coxinha in Curitiba and the best pastel in Curtiba and at Sabor Popular do Bom Gourmet Award 2023:

Best Coxinha in Curitiba

Pelanda stations

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In 1985, the couple Paulo Irineu Pelanda and Sirlei Dudek Pelanda decided to invest not just in another gas station, but in a space where consumers could rest for a few minutes, have a snack and then get back on the road. This is how Pelanda Stations were born, which include gas stations, a restaurant, a convenience store, a gift shop, a closed parking lot, a 24-hour car wash, a snack factory and a hotel.

In the area of ​​gastronomy, coxinha is the flagship. The chain’s central factory produces more than 4 thousand units of savory snacks per day. The delicacy has already been awarded in the 2018 and 2019 editions, in addition to appearing on the list of nominees for 2022. Although the seasoning is secret, the creators say that the dough is basically made from potatoes and milk. When assembling, a generous layer of cream cheese surrounds the chicken seasoned with vegetable broth. The approximately 200-gram snack is sold 24 hours a day. The average consumption ticket is R$25.

Where: Av. Juscelino Kubitschek De Oliveira, 5955
Open: 24 hours. In-person service, delivery via app and delivery via the establishment’s own app and take away.

Best Pastry in Curitiba

Pastel Factory

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The history of the house begins in 2011 with the creation of the first Pastelaria Fábrica do Pastel, in the center of São José dos Pinhais, metropolitan region of Curitiba. It started with some flavors of savory and sweet pastries, always focusing on the quality of the dough and ingredients.

Currently, there are five stores, three in Curitiba (Água Verde, Sítio Cercado and Xaxim) and two in São José dos Pinhais (Afonso Pena and Centro). The chain works exclusively with pastries, and the most successful flavors are Rib and Special, which contains six ingredients, including meat, egg and cheese (R$ 24.50 each). Among the sweets, the highlights are Chocolate with Strawberry and Doce da Casa (R$ 13.60 each).

Where: Rua Santa Catarina, 1198
Rua São José dos Pinhais, 1644 – Sítio Cercado
Rua Professor Leonel Moro, 47 – Xaxim. In addition to two other stores in São José dos Pinhais.
Open: Monday to Saturday from 11am to 11pm. Sundays and holidays from 5:30 pm to 11 pm. In person, delivery via iFood and the establishment’s own app, take away.

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