Confaz publishes new table of average fuel prices

Confaz publishes new table of average fuel prices


Values ​​do not necessarily reflect prices at the pump

The National Council for Finance Policy (Confaz) released the new table for the weighted average price to the final consumer (PMPF) of fuel in the states and the Federal District. The ordinance that brings the price of five products was published in this Thursday’s edition (25) of the Official Gazette (DOU).

The new values ​​are effective as of June 1st and do not necessarily reflect the prices at the fuel pump at the stations. Prices for aviation kerosene, ethanol, vehicular natural gas, industrial natural gas and fuel oil were announced.

Confaz considers as a criterion the moving average of the average prices charged to the final consumer in up to 60 months prior to its setting. The PMPF table serves as the basis for calculating the Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS).

However, also from June 1st, the single and fixed rate of ICMS for gasoline comes into force. The charge will be R$1.22 per liter throughout the national territory. Currently, the rates are proportional to the value and are defined by each state, generally varying between 17% and 18%. The change will have an impact on the final consumer, since the tax amount is included in the resale price.

The change in the tax rule was instituted by Complementary Law 192/2022. The value of the fixed rates was defined in March of this year by Confaz. In the case of diesel, the change has been in force since May 1, with a charge of R$ 0.94 per liter.

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