Communication’ is crucial for the successful entrepreneur

Communication’ is crucial for the successful entrepreneur


Partner at Nelson Wilians Advogados and G4 Club Ambassador in Amazonas, lawyer Sergio Vieira points out what is needed to grow, stand out and remain firm in the market

In an increasingly competitive scenario, the difference between a successful entrepreneur and one who has difficulties in establishing himself and evolving in the market may be the development of a fundamental skill of the human species: communication. That’s what Sergio Vieira, partner-director of Nelson Wilians Advogados (Latin America’s largest law firm) and Ambassador of the G4 Club in Amazonas (community made up of businessmen from all over the country) believes and emphasizes.

“Communication is the crucial point. It is the basis of everything, since no one lives alone. Therefore, it is essential for companies to communicate internally with people about the purposes to be pursued, the step-by-step process to achieve them and, above all, the relationship with the market, doing benchmarking, which is a survey of market and competition”, he details.

Sergio also states that effective communication involves active listening. According to him, the entrepreneur needs to be willing to listen to constructive criticism. “It is exactly with constructive criticism that defects are pointed out in order to seek improvements. Therefore, the entrepreneur needs to have an active listening. It’s listening without reacting, without thinking it’s personal, without thinking it’s pejorative”, explains the lawyer.

For him, the entrepreneur needs to provoke the market and not believe that there is only one absolute opinion. In short, you need to listen more, talk less, and work hard.
Benefits of effective communication

With effective communication, you can analyze whether the business is meeting the needs of the consumer. Sergio points out that the benefits of the practice are as varied as possible. “You can understand if you are well positioned in the market or not, if your product is accepted, if it is something that generates desire for consumption, if it is a product that is purchased repeatedly or if the market buys only once. In addition, you can find out if your quality is above competitors, if your delivery time and service are good or bad. Therefore, it is necessary to practice and seek feedback and how the customer’s shopping experience was”, he guides.

Another factor that helps the entrepreneur to establish himself in the market is focused on after-sales. The specialist alerts managers to the relationship with consumers, which is one of the forms of effective communication.

“It’s important to know how the product was delivered, if the customer liked it, if they want to clear up any doubts, if they are interested in purchasing other products and services from your company. You need to know how you can improve the feeling of delivery and value. Placing the customer, as he truly deserves, is the central point. The goal is to understand how to serve better and generate more value”, he adds.

Vieira also remembers that communication brings benefits not only to the professional area, but also to the personal one. For him, communication helps the manager to create ties with other entrepreneurs, creates market alliances and, mainly, helps to organize ideas and explain them clearly to whoever.

“With good internal communication, the manager does not have to worry about having to explain everything again to his team. On the contrary, once said clearly, time and results are gained. High achievers don’t have to live isolated like lone wolves. They, in fact, are great leaders for communicating with their teams and thus performing great or excellent results”.

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