Circo Caboclo takes workshops and shows to schools in the peripheral areas of Manaus

Circo Caboclo takes workshops and shows to schools in the peripheral areas of Manaus

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The “Acrobatic Nursery” proposal was born with the aim of democratizing access to artistic training and, mainly, circus training

Manaus (AM) – Education and circus culture. The Companhia Circo Caboclo takes, through the “Viveiro Acrobático”, workshops on ground acrobatics, aerial acrobatics, contortion and manipulation of objects to public schools in Manaus. Children even enjoy a contemporary circus performance prepared especially for the little ones.

“The ‘Acrobatic Nursery’ is a project that takes circus techniques workshops to municipal public schools. The workshops feature aerial acrobatics, ground acrobatics and manipulation workshops, with hula hoops or juggling. In addition to these workshops with students, which last between an hour and an hour and a half, we also put on a circus show, a show for children. A contemporary circus performance, with a lot of dancing using circus techniques”,

scores the acrobat Jean Winder.

The proposal was born with the aim of democratizing access to artistic training and, mainly, circus training. “Circus activities exist in Manaus, they are common practices that occur in artistic places, but they are more accessible to people with a social reality that allows them to practice cultural activities. Because of this, people from places outside the central zones have this difficulty because they do not have access to cultural means. In addition, places with this type of activity usually charge a lot for classes, so it is not an affordable activity”, he explains.

Students follow a circus show on the school court Photo: Disclosure

The circus activity continues until the 23rd of June, serving students from 10 schools in the peripheral areas of Manaus. The cast includes acrobats Jean Winder, Laísa Silva and Ayla Taynã.


Founded by Amazonian artist Jean Winder, Cia Circo Caboclo proposes precisely to establish and produce artistic processes among Latin American professionals and redefine “frontiers” through art and technology.

“The access of many children to an artistic product, a cultural product, whether they are watching it or performing it, is very rewarding. The children participate in the workshops, then check out the show. I believe that this creates a way of thinking about how things happen, how a creation process can be or how people manage to present an acrobatics on stage, this project makes this visible to these people. ”

Winder tells that there was a fear if the “Acrobatic Nursery” project would fit into the children’s routine, but it was rewarding to realize that they are open to cultural projects.

“The positive point of the first presentations was realizing that the project works very well with children. I think there was a fear, a feeling of not being able to predict how it would work in schools and, in the end, it was a success. The children never showed to be bored, or to have difficulties, on the contrary, suddenly the school seemed to be a great space for circus experiments”,

he said.

Student participates in a circus workshop Photo: Disclosure

The project was contemplated by the public notice Manaus Faz Cultura 2022, from the city of Manaus, and meets the Itinerant Culture Program of the Municipality.

“It is very difficult to measure the importance of the activity for the community. The results of these activities are interesting, in the schools we have already visited we have seen a positive reception from the school community, I mean from teachers and students. I believe that at least these people were a little happier on the day they practiced circus activities and had contact with cultural practice”,


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