Check out the schedule for the International Amazon Gastronomy Fair in Manaus

Check out the schedule for the International Amazon Gastronomy Fair in Manaus

FIGA 2023

The event will feature the presence of renowned chefs from regional, national and international cuisine, as well as business opportunities

Manaus (AM) – The 5th International Amazon Gastronomy Fair already has a defined schedule. FIGA 2023, which takes place on September 30th and October 1st, at the Vasco Vasques Convention Center, located at Avenida Constantino Nery, 5001, in the Flores neighborhood, central-south zone of Manaus, will feature show classes by renowned chefs segment, as well as lectures, workshops, exhibition of products and services, business rounds and much more.

Held by Abrasel in Amazonas, the event takes place in person and with free entry. Accreditation must be carried out through the hotsite available on the association’s social networks @abraselam, from September 15th.

According to the president of Abrasel in Amazonas, Rodrigo Zamperlini, the event aims to generate knowledge about gastronomy and local culture, in addition to supporting initiatives that bring opportunities for owners of establishments in the food away from home sector to build a network of contacts.

“Our objective with FIGA is to promote Amazonian gastronomy, in addition to attracting and bringing together not only people who have an affinity with gastronomy, but also service providers and those who have products to offer. It will be a true mix of gastronomy and business, a conducive environment for entrepreneurs and businesspeople in the sector to improve ideas, networking and knowledge about management and strategies to achieve success in this field”,


For Chef Felipe Schaedler, owner of the Banzeiro and Moquém restaurants, FIGA is the most important event to promote Amazonian gastronomy. “The Fair comes at a crucial time, as the Amazon is experiencing a period of transformation, appreciation of its culture, identity, which strongly reflects on gastronomy, bringing the visibility it needs and deserves. I think FIGA is something super important and with each edition it becomes stronger and more innovative”,


Check out the FIGA 2023 schedule

September 30th – SATURDAY
10am – Gates open to the public
1:50 pm – Opening of the gastronomic arena – Salão Maria do Céu Athayde
2pm to 2:40pm – Chef Maria do Céu Athayde (AM) – Amazon, An Infinite Love
3pm to 3:40pm – Chef Luana Oliveira (TO) – Gastronomic Tourism: Principles, Practices and Amazon Itineraries
4pm to 4:40pm – Chef Felipe Schaedler (AM) – Smoked Pirarucu and Tucumã Puree
5pm to 5:50pm – Chef Jaime Rodriguez (Cartagena – Colombia) – Caribe Lab Project: Investigation of Gastronomic Culture and Biodiversity
6pm to 6:40pm – Chef Paulo Machado (MS) – Pantanal Gastronomic Routes and Food Safaris
7pm – Opening ceremony
10pm – End of the day.

October 1st – SUNDAY
1pm – Gates open to the public
1:50 pm – Opening of the Gastronomic Arena – Salão Maria Do Céu Athayde
2pm to 2:40pm – Chef Selma Reis (AM) – Tartaruga: Recipes and Stories from the Amazon’s greatest gastronomic wealth
3pm to 3:40pm – Chef Amanda Vasconcelos (AC) – Female Entrepreneurship in Gastronomy
4pm to 4:40pm – Chef Elisângela Valle AND Lídia Medina (AM) – Kitchen + Science + Tourism
5pm to 5:50pm – Chef Daniela Martins (PA) – Tapioca is not just to be had with açaí
6:10 pm to 7:00 pm – Chef Hiroya Takano (AM) – Vitória-Régia: From Research to Plate
7pm to 7:30pm – Japanese Consulate Ceremony
7:50 pm to 8:50 pm – – Chef Heinz Wuth (Chile) – Isto é Ciência e Cuisine
9pm – Classes end
10pm – Fair closes


September 30th – SATURDAY
10am – Opening of the Fair gates to the public
1:50 pm – Opening of the Lecture Room
2pm to 2:40pm – Chef Letizia Barros – Theme: Sustainable Gastronomy: Full use of food. A social, environmental and economic vision
2:50 pm to 3:30 pm – Rogério Perdiz – Theme: Management by KPI: Measure, evaluate and improve
3:40 pm to 4:20 pm – Chef Paulo Fortunato – Theme: Fish Maria: From the kitchen to the shelves of the world
4:30 pm to 5:10 pm – Alexsander de Oliveira – Theme: The World of Bubbles
5:30 pm to 6:10 pm – Noemia Kazue Ishikawa – Theme: Mycotourism: Socio-bioeconomic, scientific and political benefits for the Amazon
6:20 pm to 6:50 pm – Chef Franco Andrade – Theme: From Franco’s Pizza to Walt Disney World – The Secrets behind the magic
7pm – Opening ceremony
10pm – End of the day.

October 1st – SUNDAY
10am – Opening of the Fair gates to the public
1:50 pm – Opening of the Speakers Room
2pm to 2:40pm – Chef Clarinda Ramos – Theme: Body and food in indigenous culture – quality of life
2:50 pm to 3:30 pm – Nizandra Moreira (COACH) – Topic: How to have a committed and motivated team
3:40 pm to 4:20 pm – Cláudia Menezes Martins – Theme: Manaus’ candidacy for UNESCO’s Creative City of Gastronomy: Strategies for the future of Gastronomic Tourism
4:30 pm to 5:10 pm – Verônica Socarras – (COLOMBIA) – Theme: Gastronomic Tourism – Brand Colombia
5:20 pm to 6:00 pm – Sara Rangel – Theme: Conquer palates: photography, the power of successful gastronomic brands
6:10 pm to 6:50 pm – Valdely Kinupp – Theme: Frisantes – Natural fermentation drinks with PANC
7pm to 7:40pm – André Bueno – Theme: Forest Cocktails – Brazilian microregion, new inputs and new possibilities
10pm – Fair closes

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