The text of the new tax rule will be sent to the Senate after the vote on four highlights this Wednesday (24).| Photo: Pablo Valadares/Chamber of Deputies

The Chamber of Deputies resumes this Wednesday (24) the vote on four highlights for the project of the new tax rule, which had the text approved on Tuesday night (23) with 372 votes in favor, 108 against and 1 abstention. A fifth highlight, analyzed during the session, was rejected by parliamentarians.

The expectation of the president of the house, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), is that the four highlights generate more discussions in the plenary. After the vote, the text goes to the Senate for analysis.

“We think that voting on the highlights for tomorrow [quarta, 24] it will also have the same plot, the same ending, with balance in the plenary, discussion with divergent positions on some subjects, but a completeness that the Chamber has evolved”, he said.

Opposition deputies protested in the session on Tuesday (24) against the lack of time for analyzing the project. During the debates in the plenary, a request was presented and approved to end the discussions.

Congressmen critical of the PT administration also regretted the project’s approval and said that the text of the framework is a “blank check” for Lula’s government spending.