Casa Avós takes action to help brewery on the north coast – 03/14/2023 – Full Glass

Casa Avós takes action to help brewery on the north coast – 03/14/2023 – Full Glass

The heavy rains that devastated the north coast in recent weeks and caused more than 50 deaths also affected several businesses in the region.

One of them was the craft nanobrewery Sevá, located on Camburi beach, in São Sebastião, idealized by João Piva. “Very crazy to think that the result of two years of hard work, day and night, night and day, can be taken away from you in a matter of hours, by something unexpected, unplanned, that fell from the sky”, posted the brewery on its Instagram profile.

To help the brewery recover part of its loss, Casa Avós, Jr. Bottura, promotes a Brejada do Bem and opens its doors this Wednesday (15) with Sevá draft beer in six taps. The initiative aims to raise funds so that the north coast brewery can gradually restore its activities.

Before the tragic rains in the region, the brewery was going through a good time in the region, where they supplied inns and restaurants and used an adapted kombi with four taps, in addition to a cart to sell draft beer on the beaches of the north coast.

“Our dear Kombinha was 100% covered by the flood, our beach cart was found in the river 600 meters from where it was and the Corsinha was lucky not to be carried away by the current like all the other cars parked on its side” continued the post of the 1st.

Grandparents House – Rua Croata, 679, Vila Ipojuca. Event Sevá – Brejada do Bem: Wed. (15): 6 pm to 11 pm. Phone: (11) 95058-7879. Grandparents website:; Sevá on Instagram: @sevacerveja

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