Campêlo discusses obstetric violence and defends a free pass for pregnant women at risk

Campêlo discusses obstetric violence and defends a free pass for pregnant women at risk



The deputy defended a rigorous investigation in the case of obstetric violence

Manaus (AM) – Two cases of obstetric violence and the proposed free pass for pregnant women at risk were on the agenda of the Legislative Assembly of Amazonas (Aleam) in its session this Wednesday (24). The records took place at Hospital Lázaro Reis, in Manacapuru, and at Maternidade Balbina Mestrinho, in Manaus.

According to state deputy Alessandra Campelo (PSC), one of the cases followed up by the Special Attorney for Women in the House is that of a pregnant woman from Manacapuru who needed a cesarean section and was forced to give birth naturally.

“This cesarean section was postponed several times until this woman was in serious danger of dying, and even then she was forced to have the baby naturally. This caused several complications. So great an effort was made that the child’s arm was broken during delivery. What is even more strange: all the professionals who assisted this woman continue to work normally in the same place, so other women could also be victims”, denounced Alessandra.

The deputy, who is part of the State Committee to Combat Obstetric Violence along with the Public Defender’s Office and other bodies, defended a rigorous investigation and the immediate removal of the professionals involved in the occurrence. Manacapuru’s case took place in December, but the family only made it public now, through the Women’s Attorney’s Office.

Death in Manaus

Another case monitored by the Legislative Assembly occurred at the Maternidade Balbina Mestrinho, in Manaus, the date of the occurrence was not disclosed. According to the deputy, a teenager in a situation of high-risk pregnancy lost her child as a result of obstetric violence. The case was registered at the 1st Integrated Police District (DIP) and then transferred to the Specialized Child and Adolescent Protection Police Station (Depca).

“The health professional cut the child’s belly. It is absurd: the child was still born alive, but then died. They cut the child’s belly, look at the level of violence during this cesarean section. We are following this case, and the person who assisted this woman continues to provide care normally and has not even been removed by the maternity ward”, reported the deputy.

Free pass for pregnant women

Alessandra Campelo closed her statement by informing that she will present an indication to the City of Manaus requesting a free pass on public transport for pregnant women in high-risk situations. The objective is to facilitate the access of women in situations of social vulnerability to prenatal care, which plays a fundamental role in the prevention and/or early detection of both maternal and fetal pathologies, allowing a healthy development of the baby and reducing the risks of the pregnant woman.

“We are carrying out a survey of the numerical demand of how many women there would be per year and we are going to make this indication of the Committee (to Combat Obstetric Violence), of the Legislative Assembly, ask for support from the Women’s Attorney of the City Council, so that Mayor David Almeida give a free pass to pregnant women in a high-risk situation”, concluded the parliamentarian.

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