Brazil is represented by seven boxers at the Women’s Boxing World Cup, in India – News of Brazil

Brazil is represented by seven boxers at the Women’s Boxing World Cup, in India – News of Brazil

Brazilian women’s boxing debuts this Saturday (18) at the World Championship in New Delhi (India). Among the seven boxers in the national delegation is Beatriz Ferreira from Bahia, number 1 in the world (60 kg category), silver medalist at the Tokyo Games, and gold and silver medalist at the 2019 and 2022 worlds, respectively. The first to step up in the ring today (18th) will be Beatriz Soares, champion of the Americas last year, and Tatiana Chagas, who is competing at the Worlds for the first time in her career.

“I’m really looking forward to my debut, but I’m also confident. We had excellent training at the training base in Bulgaria, and now we only have a few adjustments to make,” revealed Tatiana Chagas, gold medalist at the South American Games Asunción last year, in a statement on the website of the Brazilian Boxing Confederation (CBboxe).

The fight calendar is defined daily by the International Boxing Association (IBA) and later released by CBboxe on its social networks. There is great expectation for the debut of Bia Ferreira, still without a set date. For the fourth time in her career, the 29-year-old Bahian, a reference in the 60-kilogram division, will compete at the Worlds for the fourth time in her career.

“Being number 1 in the world is difficult. The other athletes come with the anti-game, well prepared to face me and don’t let me do my normal game on top of the ring. But I’m ready for this. If you can’t go Bia’s style, go with the opponents’ style. I want a medal again at the Worlds”says the Bahian woman.

In addition to Beatriz Soares, Tatiana Chagas and Bia Ferreira, the Brazilian delegation also traveled to New Delhi with Caroline “Naka” Almeida (50kg), ucielen Romeu (57kg), Bárbara Santos (70kg) and Viviane Pereira (75kg).

“The technical level of the Women’s World Championship has grown a lot in recent years. We will go with the six Olympic categories, plus the 70kg category. We expect to make at least one final and, if everything goes well, win two medals like the last World Cup”, projects Mateus Alves, head coach of the permanent Olympic team.

Source: Brazil Agency

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