Bolsonaro talks about turning the page and focusing on the January 8 CPI – 03/18/2023 – Power

Bolsonaro talks about turning the page and focusing on the January 8 CPI – 03/18/2023 – Power

During the launch event of the PL directory in Niterói (RJ), former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) spoke of turning the page, said that the party will do well in 2026 and guided the party’s deputies and senators to concentrate their efforts on creation of the joint CPI (in the Chamber and in the Senate) on the anti-democratic acts of January 8, something that the base of the Lula government (PT) has been trying to avoid.

From the United States, where he traveled in December, Bolsonaro spoke to the public by speakerphone, this Friday night (17), through a call from Senator Flávio Bolsonaro (PL-RJ), who was present at the event. A video of the speech was published by the newspaper O Globo.

“We have a dream, we have an ideal, we suffer defeats, but if we believe in God and in the strength of our people, we will achieve our goals. Sometimes things happen in our lives that we cannot explain, but let’s turn the situation around. page, let’s think about the future,” said Bolsonaro.

“Federal staff there, deputies and senators, let’s focus on the CPMI [CPI mista]because we will enforce John 8:32 [Conhecereis a verdade, e a verdade vos libertará]. The truth will set us free,” Bolsonaro said.

“I am sure that our party will do very well next year and even more beautiful in 2026”, said the former president, estimating that the PL will elect a thousand mayors in 2024. In Niterói, deputy Carlos Jordy (PL-RJ), event organizer, must be a candidate.

Flávio, on the other hand, intends to run for Mayor of Rio de Janeiro next year, as he admitted for the first time in an interview with Sheet. The senator claimed to have made his name available to the party as an option for the 2024 election, but considers that the decision should be taken together with the political group of which he is a member.

Bolsonaro’s speech was accompanied with much applause and shouts of “myth”. Also present were the president of the PL, Valdemar Costa Neto, and former minister Braga Netto.

As shown to SheetLula has expanded the space of the center in government — handing over more boards of Codevasf (Companhia de Desenvolvimento dos Vales do São Francisco and Parnaíba) to União Brasil, for example.

The changes at Codevasf and at other state-owned companies are intended to form a more consistent base of support for the government in Congress. With that, the Planalto Palace immediately tried to prevent articulation in favor of the mixed CPI.

In the evaluation of Lula’s allies, the president has managed, so far, to politically capitalize on the anti-democratic attacks of the beginning of the government and, if the CPI is opened, there is a risk that the opposition will seek facts to reverse this situation.

On the last day of the 1st, the PL released a note in which, among other things, it supports the creation of the mixed CPI to investigate the acts of the 8th of January, “including on the accountability of the current government”.

The opposition’s bet is that the participation of deputies in a mixed CPI is a way of avoiding the creation of an investigation commission only in the Senate, where Lula’s base is considered more controllable.

The government has argued that the authorities are already investigating the episode, and that the opening of a parliamentary commission of inquiry interferes in the day-to-day of Congress and hinders the discussion of matters.

Lula’s base must act to withdraw adhesions to the mixed CPI, and eventual installation also depends on the reading by the head of Congress, Senator Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG).

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