Boat-School takes professional education to Manaquiri, in the interior of the Amazon

Boat-School takes professional education to Manaquiri, in the interior of the Amazon

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Boat-School Samaúma II offers training space for residents of the interior of the Amazon

Manaquiri (AM) – The National Industrial Apprenticeship Service (SENAI Amazonas), through the Boat-School Samaúma II and its professional education, restarts the day of courses on the 29th, in the municipality of Manaquiri (156 kilometers from Manaus), with courses in mechanical, electrical, food, administrative, clothing and information technology areas. In all, 636 vacancies are being offered, and registration is open until this Thursday (25), at the Municipal Secretary of Industry, Commerce, Service and Tourism (Semictur), in the gymnasium, from 8am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6 pm.

The courses offered are Administrative assistant, Management and leadership, Confectioner of homemade cakes and sweets and snacks, with 160 hours; Qualification in customer service, interpersonal relations and motorcycle electrical system, with 80 hours; Motorcycle engine maintenance mechanic, Diesel engine mechanic, Outboard engine mechanic, Seamstress and dressmaker, Microcomputer operator, Baker, Homemade bread baker, with 40 hours and; Customization of clothing parts, Electrician for electrical controls and Residential Installer, Advanced IT, Electronic fuel injection for motorcycles, Installer of photovoltaic systems, Mechanic for maintenance of chassis, brakes and suspension of motorcycles and Pizzaiolo, with 20 hours.

According to the technical director of SENAI Amazonas, Rafael Lobo, the courses will take place on the 29th and end on the 9th of August, and have a partnership with the city hall of Manaquiri, which provided the necessary structure so that, in the next two months, more than 600 people in 31 classes are trained.

“Since the inauguration of the Boat Schools Sumaúma I and II, more than 60,000 people have been trained in 65 municipalities, bringing knowledge, regional development and employment and income opportunities to the entire Amazon region”,

said Wolf.

According to Lobo, by the end of the year, SENAI Amazonas intends to train 1,200 riverside residents with professional qualification courses.

Enrollment documents

To apply for the vacancy, the candidate must present the identity card or CNH, the mother’s identity card or CNH (mandatory for students under 18 years old), CPF, proof of residence (current with zip code), proof of schooling (certificate, school transcript or school statement), have a valid email and cell phone number.

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