Ludmila Lins Grilo was removed from office by decision of the National Council of Justice, in which she responded to two cases.| Photo: reproduction/CNJ

The Brazilian Association of Conservative Jurists (Abrajuc) condemned, this Thursday (25), the decision of the president of the Court of Justice of Minas Gerais that compulsorily retired judge Ludmila Lins Grilo, who was removed from her duties after criticizing the conduct of the investigation of the fake newsat the end of 2020.

In a note of repudiation, the association states that Ludmila’s retirement was an “unreasonable measure that injures the national Magistracy to death” for ideological reasons (see in full).

“The Rule of Law does not support political persecution, even if it is disguised as an institutional mission or even presents a constitutional guise that, in truth, ends up revealing itself in legal pyrotechnics with the purpose of promoting creeping persecution against ideological enemies” , he said.

The entity also says that “democracy, freedom, institutions and the rule of law in Brazil are outraged. The republican and constitutional principles are buried. And fear is the common feeling.”

Finally, Abrajuc asks that State institutions “return to constitutional normality in Brazil, rescuing legal certainty and belief in Justice”.