Anticipation of the 13th of the INSS will inject R$ 469 million into the economy of Amazonas

Anticipation of the 13th of the INSS will inject R$ 469 million into the economy of Amazonas

Impact on the economy

With 259,400 anticipated benefits throughout the state, Amazonas is second only to Pará, which totals 751,000

Manaus (AM) – Amazonas is the second representative of the North Region with the highest number of anticipated benefits of the Social Security annual bonus, popularly known as the 13th of the INSS. With 259,400 anticipated benefits across the state, Amazonas is second only to Pará, which totals 751,000.

The more than 259,000 advances in Amazonas represent an injection of R$ 469 million in the Amazonian economy from transfers from the Federal Government. The North Region totals 1.56 million benefits and R$ 2.52 billion in transfers.

Deposits of the first installment begin this Thursday (25th), for beneficiaries in the range of up to one minimum wage (R$ 1,320), and continue until June 7th for those entitled to the Social Security ceiling (R$ 7,507, 49). The second installment begins to be paid at the end of June. The amount to be received can be checked on the Meu INSS website or app, available for Android and iOS.

The allowance is aimed at insured persons and dependents of Social Security who, during the year 2023, have received assistance for retirement, pension for death, temporary disability, accident aid or imprisonment aid.

The 13th INSS is usually paid in the second semester of each year, in August and November. The anticipation was announced at the beginning of the month by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and reaches all states.

Across the country, more than 30 million beneficiaries will receive advances and more than 32.62 million benefits will be paid (a person can receive more than one benefit). The total federal investment is R$ 62.6 billion.

“The average salary of those who receive the benefit is R$ 1,700. It is money used to supplement the family income, to help the grandson, to buy a little something extra”,

said Social Security Minister Carlos Lupi.

“That money circulates. More people buying, more people selling, more people producing. And it is the best and smartest way to distribute wealth: salary.”


The Southeast Region has the largest number of anticipated benefits in the country, surpassing 14.73 million. The region is also the one that will receive the most resources with advances: R$ 31.94 billion.

The Northeast concentrates more than 8.38 million benefits from the 13th of the INSS. Federal transfers to the nine states exceed R$ 13 billion. Bahia, with 2.2 million benefits and R$3.6 billion in transfers, is the regional highlight.

The South Region, with 6.15 million anticipated benefits and transfers of more than R$ 11.74 billion, appears next. Rio Grande do Sul, with 2.6 million benefits and R$5 billion in transfers, is the state with the highest numbers and figures.

The Midwest Region has more than 1.78 million benefits from the 13th INSS paid through transfers totaling R$ 3.2 billion. The highlight is Goiás, with 718 thousand anticipated benefits, the result of transfers of R$ 1.25 billion. The North Region, finally, adds 1.56 million anticipated benefits through a federal investment of R$ 2.52 billion. Pará, with 751 thousand benefits and R$ 1.2 billion in transferred resources, concentrates the largest transfers in the region.

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