André do Prado says he is loyal to Tarcísio and will attend PSDB and PT – 03/15/2023 – Politics

André do Prado says he is loyal to Tarcísio and will attend PSDB and PT – 03/15/2023 – Politics

Elected new president of the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo with 89 of the 94 possible votes, André do Prado (PL), 53, forged a broad alliance that resembles that of deputy Arthur Lira (PP-AL) in the Chamber of Deputies.

The difference is that, aware of the weight of support from Tarcísio de Freitas (Republicans) in his election, André preaches absolute loyalty to the new governor.

In an interview with Sheetshortly after being confirmed in charge of the House this Wednesday (15), he also seeks conciliation with opponents, such as PT (“I talk to all the benches”) and PSDB (“they were competent”, “they left a great legacy” ), establishing a political transit that is the hallmark of the center.

The nod to the opposition occurred through respect for the proportionality of the benches in the distribution of power of the Board of Directors, which is composed of eight acronyms. No woman, however, was chosen for the new summit of the Assembly.

After a legislature marked by aggression between parliamentarians and a deputy groped in plenary, André flees from ideological discourse and promises punishment to those sworn in this Wednesday who commit abuses – new impeachments, including, if necessary. But he promises to have “Job’s patience” and “trample nothing”.

In a reference to Bolsonaristas, he says he does not spend time on “debate on the internet”, but rather visiting cities and listening to demands.

When speaking to the press after being elected, he avoided answering whether or not he supports the privatization of Sabesp, Tarcísio’s main goal —which faces opposition from a large part of the Legislature.

“It’s no use having a debate on something that doesn’t exist yet, that hasn’t reached the House,” he said.

Asked about being a Bolsonarist, André said he was a deputy “who does not work on customs or ideology, but works on the front lines” and “guided by the interests of the population”.

“I’ve been in the PL for 30 years, when I was elected councilor for the first time in Guararema (SP). But we in the PL have to recognize that the party only grew due to the president’s arrival [Jair] Bolsonaro,” he said at the press conference.

On the occasion, André stated that he intends to dedicate more sessions to the agenda of the deputies’ projects, and not the government’s, and that the Board will still decide how the CPIs protocol will be done from the 23rd – an issue that causes a stir in the fight for the first place in line between base and opposition.

Regarding the 2024 election, André stated in an interview with Sheet that the PL is interested in discussing the candidacy of Ricardo Salles (PL), but has not ruled out supporting the candidacy of Ricardo Nunes (MDB).

What did mr. will it change in relation to the PSDB command in Alesp? The PSDB ended a cycle, it’s been 28 years and they were competent. Spending seven consecutive terms commanding the state of São Paulo is a sign that he had the approval of the population. They left a great legacy. However, we have many challenges to be faced, such as the housing issue, there are millions of people living on the banks of rivers, slopes.

Mr. even supported Rodrigo Garcia (PSDB) in the first round. When Bolsonaro joined the party, I had already given the floor and was part of the base of Rodrigo Garcia’s government. In the last four years, we voted for structural projects, the state is in good shape. However, there are many challenges, social inequalities, this issue of cracolândia.

Here in the Assembly, we will maintain everything that has been working, we will innovate by voting on more deputies’ projects. We are going to work together with the government to reduce as much as possible the articles that can be vetoed.

In the House, Arthur Lira (PP-AL) also got a coalition to support him. It is similar to the situation of Mr. here? Should it contemplate opposition and situation? Using the House regiment, whenever possible I will use proportionality. My candidacy started with the support of the government, support of the PL deputies and then I started making a strategy for all the parties to respect proportionality.

That’s how it was with PT, PSDB and I stuck to the same strategy. I put practically all parties with four or more deputies in the Bureau.

The PP is not the largest group in the Chamber. Here, the biggest bench is the PL. So, there theoretically would not be him [o presidente]but due to the political strength he has, he managed to build political agreements with all the benches.

How did you get the governor’s support if you didn’t support him from the first round? The PL was to have Tarcísio’s deputy and gave up to add the PSD to the coalition. I had an appointment with Rodrigo Garcia. This was all discussed with Governor Tarcísio, saying: we have this commitment, but if Rodrigo does not go to the second round, we are in his campaign the next day.

Does anything change in the dynamics of the House a president from a party other than the governor? No, the PL will be the base of the Tarcísio government, the main base party, due to the number of deputies that our bench has.

Asked if he is a Bolsonarist, Mr. said that he is not a deputy of ideology and customs… I have total respect for those who defend the guidelines, because everything is beneficial. We are experiencing a transformation in our country, people take a stand on what they are for, what they are against.

It’s just that I’ve never militated in that area. As I was mayor, councilor, my time is not debate on the internet, my time is to look, go there in the city of Itaquaquecetuba, which needs to build houses, needs to have a job. These guidelines are more related to practical issues.

This ideological agenda dominated Brazilian politics in the last four years, with the arrival of Bolsonaro. The governor was elected on that basis. Why didn’t the governor support a name from the PL that is a Bolsonarist? Because if the House leans only to one side, it will not have governance and segments of society will not be represented. Since I come from a moderate ward, I talk to all the benches. My vote, including, with 89 votes, was because of that. The governor, knowing my history, realized that I will be a president who will work for everyone and will have the common sense to make sure that the Executive’s projects can be processed more quickly in the House to be approved.

As mr. will deal with the bench of women and blacks, given the past clashes? My patience will be Job’s, to listen, to wait. I’m in no hurry, we have time. I won’t run over anything. I have to respect it, because it is the voice of society represented through these deputies. I can never silence any deputy.

Said he would curb abuses between deputies. How will it be? All deputies are more mature, these four years have matured a lot. We will comply with the regiment. When [alguém] practice excesses, as president I have to maintain order in the House. And if you go over the limit, we have instruments to evaluate the attitude of each deputy, we had deputies impeached and suspended [na legislatura passada].

Isn’t it a taboo to revoke a deputy? It’s not taboo, we made a cassation [de Arthur do Val por fala sexista em relação a ucranianas] in a very natural way, because we think that a brutal excess was committed, a very great dishonor, mainly with a lack of respect for women in our state.

Speaking of the 2024 election, deputy Ricardo Salles stands as a candidate for mayor, which generates a tight match with part of the PL, which is inclined to support mayor Ricardo Nunes (MDB). As mr. does this issue arise? The PL today is a protagonist in any city in the state of São Paulo. Here [na capital] It is a city that the PL will work hard to form the greatest possible partnership. Now, today there is a group that defends maintaining and supporting Mayor Ricardo Nunes and there is a group that thinks we are big enough to launch candidacies for mayor. And Ricardo Salles is one of the most voted deputies in São Paulo and Brazil.

Mr. seems sympathetic to that idea. We have to think about the following within the party: when a name like that has the courage to make his name available, we have to evaluate whether his name is viable. He is a very prepared person, he has already demonstrated that he has the capacity. It’s a name that has a right to claim it. At the right time, the party will meet to define the best strategy here for São Paulo.

Even the positioning of our former president Jair Bolsonaro, everything depends a lot on this. We will wait so that, at the right moment, we can understand which is the best framework to run for election in São Paulo or declare support for the current mayor Ricardo Nunes.

What is Bolsonaro’s weight today? If you do a search today, the bias still exists. The population is expecting a lot from the current federal government to know what the reality of the country will be like. Bolsonaro was a very big gain for the PL. We’re working to see the best possible way for him to help us in 2024. And in 2026, it’s too early. A lot depends on what happens in the federal government.

Can he become ineligible? The law that will speak, I cannot pre-judge. That’s why the TSE, the Supreme Court, exists. They are the ones who will speak. We would like it not, because it is a strong candidate, it would be our candidate in 2026 again.

Should he come back from the US? I don’t know what his plan is, it’s a very personal decision.

Regarding Alesp’s expenses, there is a forecast to increase communication expenses and there is a sector, the Strategic Assessment Nucleus, which is seen as a job hanger. Do you have plans to reduce costs? Whatever we can save, we will work for it. Alesp’s Budget is almost R$ 1.5 billion. In proportion to the state budget, it amounts to 0.47%. It is the smallest in the whole country. There are states that spend up to 5%. I’ll take a look at each expense and contract to reassess. We want to study the NAE issue so that it can provide more results for society.

Why mr. kept Renato Bolsonaro, Bolsonaro’s brother, as his advisor at Alesp for three years if the SBT report proved that he worked at his furniture store in Miracatu (SP)? This allegation was very unfair. Renato was one of the people who worked most in my office. The Public Prosecutor’s Office itself asked for the filing. We present evidence of the work he does, he was not a ghost. Employees have a workload to be fulfilled, it doesn’t matter if in the middle of the day he goes to visit the store. There are Saturdays and Sundays that he works, he represents me several times.

The Secretariat of Penitentiary Administration even verified a visit by Mr. to a penitentiary in Pontal (SP), where a relative of Mr. he was in prison, when visits were not allowed due to Covid. I received a complaint of mistreatment at the time. I respected all Covid protocols when I entered there, and I realized that the complaint was not real.

Was having a relative trapped there a coincidence? He’s a third cousin on my wife’s side.

X-ray – André do Prado, 53

State Deputy of the PL, fulfills his four consecutive term, having been elected President of the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo. He started in politics as a councilor in Guararema (SP), aged 23. He was deputy mayor, secretary of Health and, in 2004, was elected mayor of the city.

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