Anderson Torres tells the TSE that the text of the intervention draft is “folkloric”

Anderson Torres tells the TSE that the text of the intervention draft is “folkloric”

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In a statement to the TSE, Anderson Torres repeated some of the responses already given to the PF about the intervention draft found in his home.| Photo: Joedson Alves/EFE

Former Minister of Justice in the government of Jair Bolsonaro (PL), Anderson Torres, told the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) this Thursday (16), that he is unaware of the authorship of the draft decree found in his home in January. It was during the taking of testimony in the action that also investigates the meeting of the former president with ambassadors, last year, and a live that presented doubts about the Brazilian electoral system.

As confirmed by the defense People’s Gazette, Torres answered all the questions during about an hour and a half of testimony via videoconference and repeated some of the answers already given to the Federal Police in early February. He is being held in the 4th Battalion of the Military Police of the DF due to the inquiry that investigates the acts of January 8th.

In his testimony, Torres repeated to the TSE that he does not know who drafted the decree for an intervention and classified the text with expressions such as “folkloric”, “trash” and “madness”. The document was found in a folder at his house, but it would have been discarded and would have been placed on a shelf by mistake by an employee when tidying up the residence.

Torres also said that he did not participate in the meeting with ambassadors promoted by the former president last year, which questioned the security of the Brazilian electoral system. At the time, Bolsonaro cited excerpts from a Federal Police inquiry investigating a hacker attack on the TSE in 2018.

Finally, among other questions, Torres told the TSE that he only participated in the last five minutes of a live promoted by Bolsonaro on the same topic, but only to read a document.

His defense further informed the People’s Gazette, that Torres will not give testimony to the CPI of the Legislative Chamber of the Federal District that was scheduled for this Thursday (16) and that investigates the acts of January 8 in the federal capital. The hearing, he says, is unnecessary since he has already provided the same clarifications to the Federal Police.

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