Amputee soccer team from Amapá seeks a place in the 2023 Copa do Brasil – News of Brazil

Amputee soccer team from Amapá seeks a place in the 2023 Copa do Brasil – News of Brazil

Amputee football has been gaining greater visibility after the Polish amputee Marcin Oleksy conquer the Puskás Award of the most beautiful goal of the 2022 season. The Amapá Futebol de Amputados team represents the state in national competitions and is preparing to win a place in the Copa do Brasil de Futebol de Amputados.

The president of Amapá Amputee Football, Wilton Barros, explains that the expectations of the team are the best. “We are in the training phase with our new athletes and this will be an important step for Amapá. We are going to play with a team from Pará and try to qualify for the Copa do Brasil”he said.

The team from Amapá will play against ACEAB Belém on July 9, in the capital of Pará, for the North Northeast Cup. Amapá has 20 athletes, three with upper amputation and 17 with lower amputation. Training takes place in an arena in the center of Macapá, every Saturday at 7 pm.

about modality

The sport emerged in the 80s and had the first international tournament held in Seattle (United States), 38 years ago. On each side, there are seven players with amputations or malformation in the lower or upper limbs (goalkeepers). Matches are played in two halves of 25 minutes each.

The modality has few rules different from those practiced by society soccer championships. The only rules that differentiate the football category from people without disabilities are:

  • The games are played in a society field, with minimum dimensions of 60m X 38m.
  • Each team has seven players: the goalkeeper has an amputee or a handicap in one of his arms and the field players have an amputee or a handicap in one of his legs.
  • Athletes may not intentionally touch the ball with an amputated leg or arm.
  • Matches are split into two 25-minute halves with a 10-minute break.
  • Coaches can ask for a time of one minute to guide their athletes at each stage of the match.
  • The crutch cannot intentionally touch the ball.
  • The goal kick cannot cross the midfield
  • The goalkeeper cannot leave the area, if he does, for any reason (with the ball rolling) he will receive a warning with a yellow card.
  • The lateral is taken with the foot.
  • There is no limit on substitutions and substituted players can return to the game without having to stop time, with the exception of the goalkeeper, who needs the clock to be stopped in order to be substituted.

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