Amazonian productions are the highlight of the Cineclube de Arte this Saturday (27)

Amazonian productions are the highlight of the Cineclube de Arte this Saturday (27)


With the right to popcorn, organic draft beer and guarana, the exhibition takes place at Cineteatro Guarany, with free admission

Manaus(AM)- With a program focused on agroecology and Amazonian experiences, the Cineclube de Arte presents, this Saturday (27th), starting at 6 pm, the musical documentary “Mestres da Tradição na Terra do Guaraná” and the short film “Seiva Bruta”, with agroextractivist women of the Middle Juruá. In addition, the event will feature a debate table with representatives of the Maniva Agroecology Network.

“Mestres da Tradição na Terra do Guaraná” is a musical documentary that captures the biodiversity and cultural grandeur of the Amazonians in Maués (276 kilometers from Manaus), in the lower Amazon, known as the Terra do Guaraná, a region of indigenous peoples and traditional. The documentary received an award from the Festival Olhar do Norte, in 2022, as best sound.

The people of the Guaraná culture experience music and the staging of their rhythms, originating from ancient indigenous and Afro-descendant cultures: Gambá, Boi de Terreiro and other Folguedos such as Tapiraiauára and Anselmo, the Cobra Grande. According to Lívia Prestes, who created the project, to make the experience even better, agroforestry guaraná, produced in Maués, and chopp sarapó, an organic drink from Novo Airão, will be distributed to the audience.

Fluid women in these dense waters

Created from therapeutic interventions in the region of the Middle Juruá River, the film Seiva Bruta is a sensitive production that reflects the collective strength of women who share their desires, their stories, their intimate experiences, their survival through hidden feelings, but no less expressed in the way of life so entangled on earth.

The production is the result of therapist and photographer Fernanda Preto’s travels through the region. In an intense process of listening, Fernanda spent 27 days on the Juruá Institute boat, together with researchers, listening to reports from local residents, also understanding about herself.

“The most beautiful thing about this job was being able to go back to the photographs I took between 2006 and 2008 in the region, and meet people from that time again. There were 40 days of work, and as I listened to the stories, I began to understand more about the gender, about this strong woman from Juruá, who brings a story of determination and resistance”, says the therapist.

film club

The Cineclube de Arte is a project of the Government of Amazonas, carried out through the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy. For the secretary of the folder, Marcos Apollo Muniz, the appreciation of the Amazonian culture, as well as the exaltation of our identity, is fundamental for the cultural diffusion of the region.

“This initiative creates an opportunity to highlight the independent audiovisual scene in Amazonas and show the talent of our artists and our culture, in addition to attracting a larger audience to our spaces and bringing this approach to this artistic environment”, stated Apolo.

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