Amazonense launches AI application to assist lawyers in creating contracts

Amazonense launches AI application to assist lawyers in creating contracts


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Amazonians dream big and hope to achieve greater development of their businesses in 2024

Manaus (AM) — At 26 years old, Amazonian businessman and developer Lucas Simões dreams big and hopes to achieve greater development of his business in 2024. And, recently, he launched Advia, an exclusive platform, created to offer artificial intelligence to legal professionals who want to streamline their daily jobs with just a few clicks.

At the head of the startup Stec, founded by him in 2022, Lucas highlights the financial autonomy, clients he already has and states that the success achieved in business is the result of effort, care, commitment and technical competence as well.

“Time brings significant results that go beyond professional and technical aspects. Our team, for example, has relevant technical competence, but is also able to better understand what the customer needs, with attention, care, patience and agility in communication that for Stec makes all the difference”,

highlights Simões.

Lucas Simões said that his interest in software development began as a teenager and that he learned to program on his own.

“I was self-taught. Around the age of 13, I started going to internet and programming forums. I saw people putting together the codes and took these codes to try to do it myself. So, I started learning, along with the videos I watched. I tried to understand what was being done and was getting different results. It was on this journey of knowledge that I learned programming logic. For me, it is the most important of all. It is with programming logic that you can assemble the system in your mind first before, in fact, designing a system with quality and even speed”,

said Simões.

Real life

Son of a businessman and a professional who has worked in the logistics area of ​​an airline for over fifteen years, Lucas Simões is from Amazonas and has a younger sister.

“My family is one of my personal and professional bases. We have a family that respects each other and is made up of people who believe in each other. This structure, without a doubt, was and is fundamental for me”, she highlighted.

In 2017, Lucas decided to live in Portugal, after passing the TAL course. For him, his time in Portugal brought many experiences, learnings and, above all, professional development.

“I was 19 years old when I moved to Portugal. For a boy who had never lived alone in his life, I look back and am filled with gratitude for what I experienced. It was a very uplifting experience. In addition to the friendships I have to this day, I understand that the entire journey I experienced there was decisive in defining the professional I am today, especially in the area of ​​programming”,


About Advia

This month, the prodigy Lucas launched another good idea on the national market: Advia, a platform created to offer artificial intelligence to legal professionals who want to streamline their daily work, saving time, even more organization and productivity. Advia’s features include the possibility of sharing contracts, separating and organizing case law, generating PDF files, cataloging customers and even organizing files and conversations originating from WhatsApp.

With no competitors in the Amazon territory, Advia can be used free of charge. There is a paid version as well, but both guarantee the user the Artificial Intelligence used in the application, as well as optimization of time and services and even more productivity for legal professionals.

“The idea is for Advia to be a reference among legal professionals because it is a highly intelligent platform. The data provided daily by each user will already be used for training and improving the platform itself, bringing direct benefit to the user. Another plus is that the platform will always suggest a next step to help the professional’s work”,

revealed Simões.


ADVIA’s key features include:

  1. Efficiency without Compromise: contracts drawn up in less than 60 seconds, without sacrificing quality or accuracy;
  2. Intuitive Interface: a user-friendly platform that simplifies the process, even for users without advanced technical experience;
  3. Advanced Customization: the ability to customize contracts according to specific customer needs;
  4. Legal Security: documents generated by ADVIA meet the highest legal standards, providing users with peace of mind;
  5. Anywhere, Anytime Access: Full compatibility with mobile devices, allowing lawyers to create contracts anywhere.
    For more information about ADVIA, request a live demonstration using the form published by the group.

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