Amazonas Folk Festival 2023: Traditional and cultural celebration attracts thousands of people in Manaus

Amazonas Folk Festival 2023: Traditional and cultural celebration attracts thousands of people in Manaus

Manaus (AM) – The long awaited Amazonas Folk Festival is about to start its 65th edition at the Peoples of the Amazon Cultural Center, former Suframa ball, from June 11th to 25th, from 7pm to 11pm. With an expected audience of more than 100,000 people during the 15 days of the festival, the event promises to delight visitors with its unique folkloric manifestations.

Recognized as one of the most traditional festivals in the city of Manaus, the festival is important in preserving culture and in the celebrations that take place in June throughout Brazil. The festivity is a tribute to the three popular saints, Santo Antônio, São Pedro and São João.

For the director-president of Manauscult, Osvaldo Cardoso, this year’s event brings a wide program thanks to the unified work of the secretariats.

“Nobody does anything alone and the support of municipal departments is essential for the success of the event, which will move the entire production chain in the city. On site, in addition to the presentations of folk groups, we will have gastronomic and amusement parks, as well as handicrafts. And we cannot forget the preparations for this great celebration, which begins in the communities with the making of costumes and allegories”.

Since 1957, the Folklore Festival of Amazonas brings together the folklore manifestations present in the neighborhoods of Manaus and has the special participation of the oxen Garanhão, Brilhante and Corre-Campo.

The festival initially took place in the center of the Amazonian capital, where today the Military College is located. After 1979, with the installation of the college, it was held in the Amazonense park, in the Colina stadium and in the old Vivaldo Lima stadium, the Vivaldão.

But it was in Praça Francisco Pereira da Silva, better known as “bola da Suframa”, that the event gained strength and became even better known in the city. Later, the Peoples of the Amazon Cultural Center was created, which currently houses the festival.

Origin of celebrations

The June festivities have a pagan origin, which means that they are not linked to Christian movements, but to the highest day of the Sun in pre-Gregorian Europe, when success in the harvests and harvests was celebrated in which the people guaranteed their food. . However, with the advent of Christianity, the celebration had adaptations and transferred services to figures considered holy by the Catholic Church.

The festivities begin on June 12th, the eve of Saint Anthony’s Day, and end on June 29th, Saint Peter’s Day, while the 23rd and 24th are Saint John’s Day.


Arraial da Alegria 2023 – Will feature free concerts, square dances and food stalls, in Manaus. The traditional June festival takes place at Shopping ViaNorte, located on Avenida Arquiteto José Henrique Bento Rodrigues, Monte das Oliveiras neighborhood, between June 2nd and 25th, always from Friday to Sunday, from 5pm to midnight.

Dr. Thomas na Roça – Takes place on June 1st from 4:30 pm at Fundação Doutor Thomas, n°798, neighborhood of Nossa Senhora das Graças. Entry is free.

Arraiá du Rios 2023 – It takes place on June 3, from 6 pm to 6 am at Atlético Rio Negro Clube, downtown Manaus. The event features the participation of João Paulo Vaqueiro, bands 100%, Meu Xodó, Na Pedago and much more. More information can be obtained by calling (92) 98195-4390.

Arraial do Axerito 2023 – On the eve of a holiday, the event takes place on June 7 at Arena da Amazônia.

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