Amapá wins Radiotherapy Center – News of Brazil

Amapá wins Radiotherapy Center – News of Brazil

Offering radiotherapy treatment for the first time in the state is one of the Government’s goals and the first step was announced this Thursday, the 16th, with the presentation of the Amapá Radiotherapy Center project.

“Health is the top, absolute and non-negotiable priority of this government. Senator Davi Alcolumbre was an important part of this project that seeks to improve assistance in the public network. Being able to give the service order and soon see the cancer treatment center functioning is historic and, in this way, we give encouragement to the population that seeks this service so much”, highlighted Governor Clécio Luís.

The patient, who was previously forced to leave the state to seek the service, will be able to undergo radiotherapy close to the family to try to cure and alleviate the symptoms of the disease. The unit will receive approximately R$ 16.3 million in investments, the result of an articulation by Senator Davi Alcolumbre.

“This is a historic achievement for the state of Amapá that we will follow closely. The construction of this Radiotherapy Center is a dream for the people of Amapa because, today, patients need to leave the state to receive the treatment they so badly need. With a place of our own, equipped, within the state, we will be giving more dignity, agility, improving the movement of these people, providing well-being and quality of life to those who face a delicate moment in their lives, which requires care and attention”, highlighted Alcolumbre.

The center will have high-tech equipment, produced in Silicon Valley, in the United States, such as the linear accelerator, which covers treatment in different areas of the body, and yet another geared towards brachytherapy, with punctual and internal action in the patient’s body. .

The High Complexity Oncology Unit (Unacon) of the public network does not offer the treatment. Currently, patients who need ionizing radiation must adhere to the Out-of-Home Care Program (PTFD).

Secretary of Health, Silvana Vedovelli, and Secretary of Infrastructure, David Covre, also participated in the presentation of the project, which included representatives of the Ministry of Health and the business group that will lead the work.

“Radiotherapy can save lives and in many cases of the disease, this is the only form of treatment without the need for surgery”, highlighted Silvana.

The Radiotherapy Center will be connected to Hospital de Clínicas Dr. Alberto Lima (Hcal), which covers the medium and high complexity of health in Amapá. The work order should be signed in the coming weeks.

“We know that this health service is very important for the region, because there is no radiotherapy available. This will reduce existential gaps for this type of cancer treatment in Amapá”, pointed out Thiago Santos, coordinator of the Executive Committee of the Plan for the Expansion of Radiotherapy in the Unified Health System (PER/SUS).

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