Alesp should start 5 CPIs next week; see which ones – 05/26/2023 – Power

Alesp should start 5 CPIs next week;  see which ones – 05/26/2023 – Power

Alesp (São Paulo Legislative Assembly) named the members of the first five CPIs of the House and paved the way for work to begin next week.

The commissions of inquiry will be about the energy distributor Enel, pix scams, hormone therapy in trans young people, landslides on slopes and the crack epidemic in the state.

The CPIs were installed in the order of protocol, all of them proposed by members of Governor Tarcísio de Freitas’ base (Republicans), who, in March, began to form a queue three days before the deadline to carry out the procedure.

This Friday (26), an act by the president of Alesp, André do Prado (PL), was published in the Official Gazette for the constitution of members appointed by the parties, which, in practice, works as the starting point for the commissions to happen.

Traditionally, whoever proposes the CPI chairs it. The election is due to take place next week.

The first to file the CPI this year was Deputy Thiago Auricchio (PL), with the aim of overseeing the services of the Enel distributor.

Auricchio claims that the commission is important to act against problems in the company’s service in 24 cities in the state.

“A company that leads the ranking of Procon’s complaints has to clarify, once and for all, the reasons that lead the population to be harmed almost daily. I am fully convinced that the CPI will be the appropriate place for this clarification”, he said the deputy.

Among the commissions installed, the main stage for Bolsonaristas in the House will be related to hormone treatment for transgender adolescents, proposed by Deputy Gil Diniz (PL), who will have Lieutenant Coimbra, his party colleague, on the same commission.

Criticism of the so-called gender issues is one of the biggest flags of the so-called root Bolsonarists, who use the theme to wave at the conservative base.

Diniz intends, at the CPI, “to investigate the practices adopted by the Hospital das Clínicas of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo in the diagnosis, follow-up and treatment of minors with suspected or diagnosed gender incongruity or transgenders and, in particular, the submission of children and adolescents to hormone therapy for gender transition”.

The discussion should be polarized with another member of the group, Guilherme Cortez (PSOL), who is an activist in the LGBT+ movement.

Although the opposition has not been able to sign any CPI this year, three of them are seen as potential sources of wear and tear for the Tarcísio government: scams with pix and card cloning, proposed by Itamar Borges (MDB); crack epidemic, idealized by Paulo Correa Jr (PSD); and prevention of landslides on slopes, suggested by Fabiana Barroso (PL).

The three deal with problems that already affected the state before Tarcísio, but which remain unresolved during his administration.

Trying to turn the commissions against the government will be the only option for opposition deputies, formed by left-wing parties such as PT, PSOL and PC do B. They argued that allied deputies had privileged information and, therefore, started the queue in advance, but they were unsuccessful in the inquiries made.

In practice, 15 to 20 CPIs fit into a four-year legislature.

See the list of the first registered CPIs.

  1. Enel – filed by Thiago Auricchio (PL)
  2. Pix scams and card cloning – Itamar Borges (MDB)
  3. Hormone treatment for trans teenagers – Gil Diniz (PL)
  4. Prevention of landslides on slopes – Fabiana Barroso (PL)
  5. Crack epidemic – Paulo Correa Jr (PSD)
  6. Lojas Americanas – Vinicius Camarinha (PSDB)
  7. Pedophilia – Paulo Mansur (PL)
  8. Santas Casas – Bruno Zambelli (PL)
  9. Communication companies – Carla Morando (PSDB)
  10. Treatment given to homeless people and solutions regarding their growing number – Vitão do Cachorrão (Republicans)
  11. Leakage of consumer registration data – Dr. Eduardo Nóbrega (We can)
  12. Disposal of polluting waste – Delegate Olim (PP)
  13. Impactful issues of the environment – Rafael Saraiva (União Brasil)
  14. Financial pyramids – Altair Moraes (Republicans)
  15. Landfills – Barros Munhoz (PSDB)
  16. Environmental contamination – Danilo Balas (PL)
  17. Non-compliance with the rights of air transport users – Letícia Aguiar (PL)
  18. Land invasions – Danilo Balas (PL)
  19. Crime of usury against the popular economy – Rafael Saraiva (União Brasil)
  20. Shooting occurred during an act of Tarcísio’s campaign – Reis (PT)

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