Airlines form group with government to discuss R$200 tickets on Voa Brasil

Airlines form group with government to discuss R0 tickets on Voa Brasil

The Brazilian Association of Airlines (Abear) informed, this Wednesday (15), that it will participate in the working group formed by the government to discuss the proposal of Voa Brasil, the program of the Ministry of Ports and Airports to sell airline tickets at R$ 200.

The program, announced last week, intends to occupy the idle capacity of the planes to sell tickets with lower prices for retirees, pensioners, civil servants and students who use Fies.

According to the entity, the group will be coordinated by the Secretariat of Civil Aviation (SAC) to find “possible solutions for sustainable growth in the number of passengers and destinations served”.

Latam told People’s Gazette that “is available to analyze, propose and implement initiatives that continue to expand the population’s access to air transport”. Gol, on the other hand, stated that it is always available to “contribute to the feasibility of a project that further expands the population’s access to air transport”, and that it will participate in the working group “to deepen the theme in the coming months”.

“The airline industry is recovering from the biggest crisis in history and public policies aimed at the growth and development of tourism are very welcome”, added the company.

Azul said that it “looks with good eyes” on the initiative and that it is already in contact with the Ministry of Ports and Airports and “willing to collaborate with the project”.

How will Voa Brasil be?

According to the first information released by Minister Márcio França, the program will be aimed at people with a salary of up to R$ 6,800 for the purchase of two trips per year – two round trips – at R$ 200 each ticket. The cheapest rate will be valid for low season months.

“What we are looking for is to buy the idleness of the spaces. Brazilian companies reach around 30 million passengers, each operating with 78% to 80% of vacancies occupied. Another 20% come out empty. I want these vacancies for people who don’t fly”, said Márcio França.

França also reinforced that the proposal does not involve subsidizing tickets, but making an agreement with airlines for the sale of idle space on aircraft, with government intermediation. The minister says he finds it difficult for an airline not to accept. The program can generate the sale of up to 15 million tickets a year for R$ 200 each, according to calculations by the folder.

Government still does not know the program

The minister also said that the plan has been set up and still needs to be evaluated by the government. However, at the ministerial meeting last Tuesday (14), President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) signaled a possible lack of knowledge of the program, according to interlocutors.

Without specifically mentioning Márcio França, Lula gave an earful to the ministers and ordered that all proposals for actions and measures be taken to the Civil House first, so that the “genius” is a “government” program, and not “a ministerial one”. ”.

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