Actor reveals he was raped by a monkey on the recordings of the series ‘Sandy and Junior’

Actor reveals he was raped by a monkey on the recordings of the series ‘Sandy and Junior’


40-year-old actor recalled the traumatic fact that happened behind the scenes of the series in 1999

Actor Wagner Santisteban, in an interview with the Vênus podcast, reported a backstage trauma during the time he was recording the series ‘Sandy & Junior’, on Rede Globo, the actor claims to have been raped by a monkey during the recordings that took place in the city from Campinas.

The fact happened in 1999 when Wagner was only 16 years old in a scene in which a monkey ran away from a circus to the CEMA school (Centro Educacional Mario de Andrade), the scene of the plot.

“It was a chimpanzee, a giant ape. The monkey arrived with a trainer who had scars. She didn’t have any teeth, stayed on chain and was in heat. It changed everything. She just ran after me to grab my leg and ‘xinxar’ (stroke) my leg. I had to. (…) I went to record the closet scene. I had my back turned and she saw me for the first time standing still. I turned around, she started punching me in the face. I was trying to get out. It was a giant animal, a very strong monkey. She started ripping off my clothes, pulling out tufts of hair, spinning me around. She left me naked. I was literally raped by the chimpanzee. In the end, she ripped my boot off and I came out of it in a panic,” reported the actor in the interview.

The episode generated trauma in the artist, who was taken to a hospital to be examined.

“Everyone was worried, I was out of work for a while. And that was in Campinas. I arrived at the hospital and people didn’t know what to do. I was pretty traumatized.”

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