8/1 attack was the result of a general blackout, says Ibaneis – 03/16/2023 – Politics

8/1 attack was the result of a general blackout, says Ibaneis – 03/16/2023 – Politics

The coup attacks on January 8 in Brasília were the result of a “general blackout”, assessed the governor of the DF, Ibaneis Rocha, who returned to office this Thursday (16). He had been removed from office the day after the vandalism.

“The blackout wasn’t free. Something happened to make it happen,” he added after being asked about it. “It was a set [de erros]. We had failures from the Military Police of the DF, from the army battalion, we had several failures together. I’m sure the investigation will look into that,” he said.

Ibaneis also stated that he was advised not to nominate former Minister of Justice Anderson Torres to the Public Security Secretariat of the DF, but pointed out that at the time, he “was a person of my complete confidence and I trusted that things would go as smoothly as possible”. tranquility”.

Torres was Secretary of Public Security during part of Ibaneis’s first term at the head of the DF and left office to become Minister of Justice for former President Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

He is currently in jail as part of the investigation into what happened on January 8th.

A search and seizure operation at his home found the draft of a decree that dealt a blow in last year’s elections, in which Bolsonaro lost to President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), as revealed by the Sheet.

Questioned about the discovery of the document, Ibaneis said he couldn’t explain it and that it was up to Torres. “That document reveals that in someone’s head, I don’t know whose, there was the intention of striking a coup in Brazil,” he pointed out.

The governor also said that Torres “enjoys, enjoyed” his trust. “I was intimate with him, I can say that categorically, and while he was Minister of Justice he always helped me. I understood that he would be a good person for the government of the DF”.

He avoided blaming the former assistant for what happened in early January in the Federal District. “What happened was unpredictable. In my view, it wasn’t Anderson’s fault,” he assessed. A little later, he said that the security plan put together for the occasion was “extremely well put together”.

The governor also defended his performance on the day. “At that time, I was in contact with the Acting Security Secretary [o delegado Fernando de Souza Oliveira]. The message he gave me at all times was that things were calm and I passed those messages on,” he said.

“You get reports from your Secretary of Security saying everything is fine, what was I going to do?” he continued.

Rocha also pointed out that “twice we tried to remove the demonstrators from the door of the Army headquarters and both times we were stopped by the Army Command. We knew that it was a powder keg”.

The MDB politician was removed from office by the Minister of the STF (Federal Supreme Court) Alexandre de Moraes. The initial decision provided for a 90-day removal, but it was shortened by the minister’s decision after he concluded that there would be no risks for investigations with his return to office.

Ibaneis arrived at the event in which he was reinstated in office in the company of the Secretary of Public Security, Sandro Avelar, appointed by Vice Governor Celina Leão (PP) after the end of federal intervention in public security in the DF while she was governor.

Shortly afterwards, Leão arrived and stood beside Ibaneis, who praised her. “I was away for 64 days and the last time I had seen Celina was on the 9th [de janeiro] when I got away. She governed this city with the awareness that she was doing the best for the DF”, she said.

In the speech, Ibaneis said he had no regrets or rancor for being removed and that Moraes did the right thing in making the decision.

“Removal was necessary, we are experiencing moments of great difficulty. The invasion of buildings was significant for the history of this country. I have all the respect for all the authorities, for everything that happened. I received my removal at the hands of Moraes with all due respect, patience”.

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