100 days until the 57th Parintins Festival

100 days until the 57th Parintins Festival


In the bovine timeline, this Wednesday (20/03), the countdown of the 100 days before the 57th Parintins Festival begins. Rehearsals, inaugurations of artistic interventions, launch of songs and new events are on the official agenda, until the festival takes place on the 28th, 29th and 30th of June, on Tupinambarana Island (369 kilometers from Manaus).

Fans of Caprichoso and Garantido and those who have not yet decided on their preference for the boi-bumbá, don’t miss out by waiting for a calendar full of news, which is one of the differences of the biggest festival in popular culture in Brazil. Promoted by the Government of Amazonas, through the State Secretariat for Culture and Creative Economy, the festival brings the state’s rich cultural identity, preserved over 57 editions, at the same time, proves to be innovative and sustainable every year.

According to the Secretary of Culture, Marcos Apolo Muniz, the first event marking 100 days for the Festival will take place on Friday (22/03), at Bumbódromo de Parintins. “Our expectation is for a grand festival, full of news throughout these days. From the launch that takes place on Friday, the 22nd, at the Bumbódromo de Parintins, to the rehearsals that will take place at the Sambadrome, this Saturday, the 23rd, through the launches of the new tunes, to the production of the new mural on the facade of the Bumbódromo”, he mentions. the secretary.

“Furthermore, we are looking forward to announcing the attractions of the Visitors’ Festival, one of the most notable moments of the event, which was a success last year”, reveals the secretary, remembering the experience of 2023, when for the first time, the good luck party -Welcome to the island, took place at Bumbódromo, with presentations by local and national attractions.

The secretary highlights the participation of the entire State apparatus, in addition to municipal and federal bodies, committed to exceeding the expectations of visitors who chose to disembark in Parintins, during the cattle season. “Government departments are intensely preparing to welcome the public to the island and provide the best possible experience for visitors. We are dedicated to making this edition a true success, as it has been in previous editions, with the Wilson Lima Government’s brand”, he concludes.

Movement in the warehouses

With 100 days to go before the festival, the Caprichoso and Garantido warehouses are in full swing assembling the floats, hiring staff and investing in infrastructure.

According to the president of Boi Caprichoso, Rossy Amoedo, the new warehouse that is being set up to house the production of the shows represents a legacy to the community, artists and workers. “Today, 100 days before the show, we have a project in hand that is the guiding thread of a great triumph, a great victory, the triumph of our artists, the triumph of the people of Parintins, the triumph of the blue and white people ”, reinforces Rossy.

On the Guaranteed side, president Fred Góes highlights the new structure of the warehouse, which received a food court, in addition to the structural reforms and revitalization of the surrounding area. “All of this was done so that we can prepare our bull within all the standards of technical care, so that we can do allegory work with quality, excellence and that we can arrive at the festival and redeem this title with all the concern with the quality we are having”, says Fred.

Rehearsals at the Sambadrome

Within 100 days, Ensaios dos Bumbás will be lively on Saturdays at the Manaus Sambadrome. The event, encouraged by the State Government, through the State Secretariat for Culture and Creative Economy, has free entry.

And for the first rehearsal, on Saturday (23/03), at the Manaus Sambódromo, the public will watch the performances with casts of the two bois-bumbás.

After the premiere, the rehearsal season at the Sambódromo continues, in rotation, every Saturday, until the Victory Festival, stopping only on the weekend of the Parintins Festival, which takes place on the 28th, 29th and 30th of June.

Follow the events leading up to the 57th Parintins Festival, on social media @culturadoam and on the Culture Portal (www.cultura.am.gov.br)

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